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His speech might "offend" someone? Well, too friggin' bad. Ther is no right to not be offended. While I might not want to listen to what he says, I have no right to stop him. He can't force me to listen, and I can't force him to stop.
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Earth Daze

Scrap Iron in Texas Wrote: 15 hours ago (2:40 PM)
Okay, here it is. Climate change is real> Yes, it is. In fact, that's ALL the climate does- change. And there is almost NOTHING man can do to stop the change. Sure, we might have a slight effect, but iin the grand scheme,.. it doesn't matter. The environmentalists (the real crazy ones) want to get rid of man. The sensible ones just want us to take care of the planet. But the scary ones are those in government who see the environmental movement as a way to gain near total control over the lesser people (that would be those NOT in government). Just look at what the UN and other AGW people say. http://www.c3headlines.com/global-warming-quotes-climate-change-quotes.html
When did this idea come about? I would have to guess its been in the works for many, many years. I just heard it in the mainstream , what, last year? But I was accused of being "privileged" because I was white. And to an extent, maybe I was. But maybe not. Sure, having a friend or two opened up a couple of doors for me, but after that, it was all on me and my performance. And now that I look back on it, it wasn't "white privilege" but just having a friend on the inside (of where ever).
NO, Carlos. The labor participation rate does not count all citizens, only those who would be part of the labor force. No children are counted, and I believe those over the age of 70 or so are also not included.
You are partially correct. But think about THIS. How much money does a corporation spend on NOT paying taxes? Just another reason why I prefer the Fair Tax when it comes to funding the federal government. NO one person or corpiration needs to spend onepenny one tax code compliance. Okay, the first year, companies will have to spend a little to see how much they owe, but after that, they send in a set % of their sales to the fimal consumer. Easy Peasy.
While THIS particular incident is over (is it?), the process that the feds used will be used again, somewhere else. This is a war with "We, the People" that the feds will have wished they never started. It will not end well for either side, but I am confident that "We, the People" will prevail. And it should be noted that since everyone with a cell phone (and who doesn't have one?) is able to get the raw truth out to millions in just a few moments. Thank you YouTube and Facebook.
Based on his upbringing, I would say its not a black thing, but a marxist thing.
Molon Labe
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
The ACA was never about health care. Its all about insurance. But what good is insurance if you can't afford it and no one will accept it? Yes, I know I talk in extremes, but the point is, billions spent on a bureaucracy that won't inporove health care at all. All we really get is more and more government control over our lives.
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