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Thank you. I'm all for using a cleaner fuel, especially when it is readily available and CHEAP. All we need now is a natinal distribution betwork to give access to this fuel for all people.
Interesting observation.. And it sure does seem like the only answer to "climate change" is complete governmetn control of all aspects of life (especially in the USA).
ONe question I have asked before- Is it possible to use CNG/LPG for 18 wheelers? I know there is no distribution network set up yet, but if there was, would it be viable?
Eventually, we will have to stop using coal and petroleum as fuel. They are dirty, and do produce greenhouse gases when burned. But until we have a viable alternative to these two fuels, we MUST continue to use them. Cheap, abundant, reliable electricity is a necessity for ALL people, and for economies to grow. I don't give a hoot about "climate change" because there is nothing (provable) that man can do to stop or slow down natural climate change. The only thing these protesters want is a central government with unlimited power ofver the citizens. The only thing I want is a federal government limited by the Constitution.
The OmabaCare LAW is about two feet thick. My problem is the RULES made up by the HHS. Got forklift?
So, the consummate politician hemmed and hawed. What a surprise. Kerry is just another in the long list of reasons our nation has zero credibility in the world. And we have a cadre of uninformed and totally IGNORANT voters to thank for that.
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Multiculturalism Is a Failure

Scrap Iron in Texas Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 6:27 AM
If our culture isn't superior to ALLothers, then why do millions attempt to come here? It ain't for the waters, I'll tell you that. Its for the opportunity oue UNIQUE culture offers to those who CHOOSE to accept the responsibilities. But, of course, that same opportuinty to accept responsibility is something lost on many who were lucky enough to be born here.
If you want the feds to adhere to the Constitution by saying ____ is not in the Constitution, those who want the big centrally planned monstrosity we now have, will say, "You hate children (or whatever you want the feds to stop doing)." Or "You'e crazy. We can't leave that up to the states. What if they don't do it?" Ediucation is the best example. Nowhere is education listed in the Constitution as a function of thr federal government. Its why every state has a board of education, and every school district has a board of education. Go ahead. Attept to explain to a liberal why the federal DoE is a waste of money. Ever notice how the feds set up programs that "skim" billions of dollars in an attempt to gain ultimate control. NOw, do that with every other nonConstitutional federal agency. I see a way to pay of the national debt if only we can get our federal government to adhere to the document they claim to follow.
By instituting the Fair Tax, we eliminate the need fro tax exempt status.
Con- The fact that the tax codde is used in such a manner. The fact that we need to fund the federal governmetn does NOT mean we should engage in "social engineering" by use of that code. A better way to fund the federal government is throiugh a simple, yet effective means- the Fair Tax (HR 25). Not only does it fund the federal governmetn, it takes power AWAY from those who would use a tax code to socially engineer its citizens.
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