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Are there any Fact-Checkers at the New York Times?

Scrap Iron in Texas Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 7:54 AM
Well, now, you have to understand liberal thinking (?). If you cut an education budget (or any budget, actually) even one dollar, you are SLASHING SPENDING. If its education, you hate children. If its health care, you HATE old people. If its welfare, you HATE minorities Never mind that up to 60% of funding goes to run the bureaucracy, never mind the waste and fraud found in every big dollar government program, YOU HATE the children, the elderly, the minorities. And is really IS as simple as that., if you understand liberals

On rare occasions, when I get really irked, I complain about media bias. Examples include this AP story on poverty, the Brian Ross Tea Party slur, this example of implicit bias by USA Today, and a Reuters report on job creation and so-called stimulus.

On other occasions, though, you stumble upon a news report or column that is ignorant beyond belief and you have to assume that the person has transcended ordinary bias and belongs in a special...

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