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Wave of the Future: Class Warfare, Nation of Islam and Green Energy

scott triemstra Wrote: Apr 08, 2012 3:21 PM
dont forget his buddy in britan, whose population in the muslim side is increasing by 25% ytd, in 50 yrs or less there will be more muslims there than brits, we must wake up to fight the sleeping enemy slowly entering our country, ritan has lost the fight really , but the us has a chance to send them back to their own country still, but either way their will be a american uprising again and soon

Mike wrote: Governments are made up of people. Your post left you open to the question, what do you think is the difference between governments and corporations, as far as being invested with moral qualities? Point of reference: Citizens United. –in response to Gospel According to Democrats: Woman, Behold Thy Government Program!

Dear Comrade Mike,

Neither governments nor corporations are moral. Morality is distinctly a human quality. I think when Romney talked about corporations being people, he meant “made up of people,” not actual human beings.

But that distinction doesn’t mean that corporations can’t have standing in law or...