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Unions Chant "Pork, Pork, Pork!"

scott s. Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 4:40 PM
Clearing something else up (maybe). University of Michigan was founded by the Territory of Michigan using as its endowment proceeds from land provided under the Northwest Ordinance (2 townships allocated to each territory for "seminary" of learning). The so-called "Land Grant" college system, created by the the 1862 Morrill Act, also granted federal land to all states for education in the agricultural and mechanical arts, and including military arts. The Michigan land grant college is the Michigan Agricultural College, now known as Michigan State.

If you read me regularly, you’ll know that there are very few things that I feel strongly about ;-). I’m kind of a wilting violet in print, who tries hard not to impose his views on readers. Instead, I paint words pictures of objective fact, interlaced with strongly-reasoned logical progressions that allows readers to form their own opinions unguided by me. (Take a deep breath here, and clean the coffee off your nose, chin, lips and computer screen)  

Today is no different.

Unions suck.

Really they do. I have said this before, as an objective fact:

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