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Meet Our New Noble, Baron Buffett

scott s. Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 4:00 PM
I don't believe Berkshire pays any dividend, nor does Buffet sell his shares, so no tax implications. However, Buffet did create the "Class B" non-voting shares and gave much of his equity to the Class B. Then he set up a plan to donate the Class B shares to Bill Gate's foundation so he gets charity deductions as that stock is transferred. Since the Class B is non-voting, no danger of Buffet losing control.
Suffering the consequences of hypocrisy is usually reserved for public figures on the political right.  The mere rumors of infidelity dissolved Herman Cain’s presidential nomination viability.  It is easy to recall famous conservatives who have fallen from grace for not living up to a personal standard.  But it is harder to remember the name of a disgraced liberal.  The impeachment of Bill Clinton over a substantiated sexual affair seemed to take...