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President "But"...Obama

scott s. Wrote: Mar 01, 2015 6:35 PM
Haven't studied it, but I understand there was an NPRM in 2014 to modify the Open Internet Order of 2010, parts of which were invalidated by Verizon v. FCC. The key now being the determination that local network is a "common carrier". The idea is to get around the objections of the court. This seems to take us back to the days of "Computer I" when AT&T was prohibited from offering any sort of value-added data service. The problem of internet as I see it is that the concept is based on breaking up a communication into data "packets" and each packet is "routed" independently through various switches and networks paid for and owned by different entities. The question is who should pay for the use of those switches and networks and how should the cost be apportioned.
So it sounds like Barone's policy goal is to turn China into another "United States". This sounds much like the neo-Con agenda which seeks the same thing for MENA. This seems to derive from a view of American Exceptionalism that sees the US as a beacon that all people of the world want to follow. Unfortunately any strategy on China that attempts to achieve this goal will probably end up like our strategy in the MENA. We don't understand why anyone would willingly accept a Caliphate and thus must posit a "violent extremist" or "Islamo-fascist" to explain the failure to achieve the goal.
The questions have no relevance, so I would just answer "sure/sure/sure". Don't see it as having anything to do with "manning up".
The problem is too many interviewers don't ask open questions which allow the interviewee to elaborate their views, instead they pose questions which incorporate various assumptions or opinions as "givens". If the interviewee "answers" the question, he is forced to accept the premise of the question. If he doesn't, he is accused of "filibustering" or "being evasive".
That's essentially what Lincoln did in 1864. He left the republican Party as "too extreme" and formed the "National Union Party" which nominated him at its Baltimore convention. Lincoln dumped his VP, Hamlin as an "extreme" Republican (term used in those days was "radical") and instead picked Andrew Johnson, a Democrat. He was fairly successful with this tactic. The Republicans nominated "extremest" Fremont, but ended up folding their tent. The Dems picked War Democrat McClellan, but because of defection of war Dems to Lincoln, McClellan was saddled with a Peace Democrat platform.
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With Friends Like These

scott s. Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 3:41 PM
I don't think you are accurate on how senate/house rules operate.
It's a big deal for UW Madison alum. There was a rivalry between UM head coach Herb Brooks and UW head coach "Badger Bob" Johnson (both Twin City natives). Johnson had coached the 76 US team while Brooks coached the 80 team. Johnson's son, Mark played collegiate hockey at UW and scored 2 of the 4 goals in the "miracle on ice". Bob Johnson would go on to coach in the NHL and won the Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Mark Johnson would become the UW womens' hockey coach (4 time NCAA champion).
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Hanging Rudy Out to Dry

scott s. Wrote: Feb 24, 2015 2:04 PM
i keep hearing this, but no one can show how the fed is "pumping millions" into anything.
It may well be true that a future democrat-majority senate will remove the 60-vote cloture rule. But I don't see any upside from getting rid of it now. The idea that if Obama has to veto bills that this will somehow turn people against democrats I think is wishful thinking.
Seems to me one problem of health "insurance" is that a portion is really prepaid routine services for which the insurer acts as negotiator for price (this is much of what dental insurance is). We don't really need insurance to get the best price on birth control pills.
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