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Benghazi Betrayal May be a Cover-Up of American Weapons in Hands of Terrorists

scottK Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 8:16 AM
And a very good morning to you, Whitebeard. Like you, I haven't trusted election results for quite some time. But that is something we have to overcome with a much better turnout effort. And speaking about turnout... sadly, the numbers are out, and our side did fall short. And personally, this geezer outlasted several "youngsters" out there. Maybe our next leader-to-be will remind everyone about the dignity, the freedom and the upward mobility of the American dream... and how the other side has been and is stealing that from us. Remeber, there are some things worth fighting for. Never ever give up. Cheers.

In a scandal looking more and more like Fast and Furious, information is coming out revealing what may be the real reason why the Obama administration refused to provide military support to save Americans in Benghazi. Obama was terrified the public would find out that American weapons had been given to Libyan terrorists, who then used them against Americans in the attack.

Glenn Beck reported that Glen Doherty, the former Navy Seal who was killed alongside Ambassador Christopher Stevens, told ABC News that he was looking for weapons in Libya. Middle East expert Barry Rubin has said...