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They don't inject money, they just add more dollars by decreasing the value of all other dollars. Inflation helps little. It certainly doesn't stimulate. It takes real money from some places and puts it others. Net effect is negative, since there is waste along the way, and political forces drive the spending rather than market forces.
I agree. Defense should not be cut. MILITARY, however, has lots of room for cuts.
multiple windows open?
Misbehavior of a state senator motivates you to eschew a particular private industry in that state? Insanity.
Treason is also defined. Very narrowly. Please identify the specify act of treason as identified by the Constitution.
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Here Come the Anti-Mormon Dirty Tricks

Scott H Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 2:46 AM
RT250 is off his/her rocker. Mormon women hold office, preach and assume roles of significant power in the Mormon church. (There's no such thing as "high office" so of course they cannot hold what doesn't exist)
Mitt's "Mexican" heritage is lilley white Americans who fled to a colony just across the border for a generation. Olive skin. Get a clue you nut.
Bedtime for Bonzo was a movie in which Reagan acted.
What makes you think Romney will undo the damage? Or that he won't do much more damage himself?
It's like Tommy Chong without the weed
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