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Even if they recall every single GM car or truck, they can still recall more...same cars, different recalls. The recalls and possibilities are endless.
this of course violates federal law, allowing illegals to vote, but you won't see the ACLU or NY's Secretary of State fighting this, because both are Demo-rat stooges.
Moral authority--really, that's what you are going for here? The President has no morals, not in the way a normal people thinks about morals. He's a lot like Clinton that way, a classic sociopath with no usual moral or ethical compass. The Constitution says nothing about moral authority..but it has a lot to say about law enforcement--the fact that the President does NOT follow the law doesn't mean YOU don't have to follow the law, and that the President and his henchmen won't go after you for it.
WDDIM (what difference does it make)? The President can break any law he wants to, and the House Republicans are going to do NOTHING. So SHUT UP ALREADY, you're just a classic 'passive aggressive'--bi**hing about something, all the while knowing you'll do NOTHING because you're such a wimp. I do appreciate the irony of a 'Constitution lecturer' (i.e., one who once lectured on the US Constitution at some university) shredding the US Constitution by doing whatever he pleases. Where does a conservative go for a party these days?
Actually Mrs. Obama isn't really a lawyer--she was forced to turn in her law license in the 1990s.
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The Big Lesson of D-Day

Scott853 Wrote: Jun 09, 2014 11:44 AM
"If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt, it is mine alone." Can't imagine Obama ever saying THAT, no matter how much he was to blame.
I doubt very many poor are telling you it's time for libertarian policies. Methinks you are preaching to the choir, ready made audiences who want to be there because they agree with you.
Poor baby! Is your therapist able to help you deal with the trauma? Nice sarcasm, BTW. :s
This is a country (UK) where the size of your hedge is regulated (someone flies around the country, photographing people's hedges that line the roads, and if you trim the hedge without government permission, you'll be fined), so this story doesn't surprise me at all.
Sure, we were always at risk. But nobody ever shot at me, my life was never in danger. I agree with the vet, that Congress should learn to say no. But what would be fair is distinguish between vets whose lives were actually in danger from those vets whose lives were NEVER in danger. I think there should be a two tier benefit system-better benefits for combat vets than for non combat vets, better for war zone than for non war zone.
With all due respect to a fellow vet, the retired vet who stated that he received a pension to which he contributed nothing is wrong, just plain wrong. Clearly a pension is deferred salary, because it costs the employer (the US military) to provide this benefit. Your reserve pay sucked when you were getting it, and part of the reason is the deferred compensation which paid your pension. Workers who get pensions aren't getting free money--they earned that, and their pay would have been higher (or at least, should have been) if they had no pension benefit with the job.
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