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Every two years the jobs of these people in Washington are put before a vote of the people--we're a republic, which means we elect people to make decisions for us. Indirectly we make these decisions; we'll never get to vote on them directly.
Dr. Michaels, the author here, thinks that this raw temperature data manipulation is necessary. Check out his writings at the Cato Institute.
They claim their models predict those variations yield very small changes in their predictions. Which might be true, that accounting for the changes in the sun's output causes small changes in their predictions. But that doesn't make their models right.
The tragedy is you can't even get them to ADMIT that we've had 18 years of nothing. They might admit that the 18 year "pause" exists, but then will insist it's temporary (hence the word "pause).
Couple of the guys are the same, but most are much younger and likely have been brainwashed by the older generation, who conveniently forgot those earlier "cooling" predictions.
Climate scientists cannot be proved wrong. Say the long term trend is warming (doesn't matter why). If we don't do anything about it now, they can claim, "see? We told you!" If we do something now, they will say, "we didn't do enough! We told you so!" The beauty of their so-called science is that they changed the name to "climate change" instead of global warming (that was very slick of them). So if the opposite occurs, cooling long term, they can claim EXACTLY the same thing as if the climate warms--if we do nothing, "see? We told you so!" If we do something, "see? we told you it wasn't going to be enough!"
I'm glad Dr. Michaels has been given a forum here, a more mainstream outlet for his viewpoint (I just don't have the time or patience to dig around the millions of 'institutes' like Heritage or Cato Institute; too busy like the rest of you, rowing the boat instead of just riding in the boat).
Might be some kind of mental illness, this conservative OBSESSION with abortion. Your opinion lost, get over was over 40 years ago, move on, please. You're costing us elections.
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Divest UC of USA or Vice Versa?

Scott853 Wrote: Feb 15, 2015 11:20 AM
Wouldn't the smarter play for the presidents of these universities to tell the children to sit down, shut up, and get back to studying? Couldn't that just end all these pointless protests altogether?
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President Obama's Redistributionomics

Scott853 Wrote: Feb 15, 2015 10:59 AM
Would the world be safer if our defense budget was smaller? There's evidence more federal government involvement is absolutely essential. And certainly the Manhattan Project and the Mercury Gemini Apollo space programs demanded more federal involvement or none of those projects would even have been started, much less completed successfully.
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(Lack Of) Truth And Consequences

Scott853 Wrote: Feb 15, 2015 10:44 AM
I read the NCAA report on USC's transgressions; unless I missed it, Pete Carroll didn't know a thing about the violations. His coaches might have, and he's responsible for creating an environment where cheating was acceptable, as he hired the coaches who did know about the cheating and condoned it by not doing anything. But there's no evidence Carroll knew about Reggie Bush's scumbag parents taking that house from those wannabe agents, one of whom the NCAA interviewed WHILE HE WAS IN JAIL--if they NCAA had been sued in court, they would have been slaughtered. It's only because they act as investigator, prosecutor, judge and jury that they get away with their chicanery.
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