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I HATE reading Coulter's columns; wish TH would take it off. She throws out a bunch of statistics, most of which sound plausible, then she throws out some that are not plausible "80% of Weathermen are full college professors." Huh? You know that one sounds like BS, and if you call her on it, she'll just say, "I was just being sarcastic." So how do you know all the rest of the stats aren't BS, it's Coulter just 'being sarcastic.' You have no idea what she is being truthful about, and which she is lying about. Sorry, it's sarcasm, not lying. No really, Coulter is just being a liar, IMO.
Wonder how many more of these incidents before the MSM finally realizes President BHO is the real moron here, not GWB. Not that they would ever admit it.
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Mitt Who?

Scott853 Wrote: Jan 11, 2015 3:30 PM
I doubt that this decline in purchasing power of the family due to higher taxes can be attributed to any particular President. This has been a gradual decline, starting with the introduction of the income tax, but accelerating during the Great Society; for instance, in the early 60s, the average family paid 5% to less income tax, while by the 80s, that number was up to 15%. State income taxes have also gone up dramatically, as have sales taxes, property taxes, etc., all to pay for the Great Society we're not getting. Millions of families could afford to have one parent stay home to take care of their children if we had the tax rates of the 60s. But people seem to keep voting to make government bigger, not smaller, to solve our problems. Anyone with a brain knows that almost any time a large organization tries to 'solve' any problem, they screw it up more than they fix it.
Anybody think the "Surrender Monkeys" (that is, the French) will actually do something about this? Such a response would contrary to French history; after all, the most iconic photograph of the French during WWII was an old Parisien crying as the Nazis took over.
Dog bites Man---Demo-rats have been taking credit for stuff they didn't do for decades.
You don't know that--the dead cop didn't write "I am Ahmed they dead cop.o Charlie ridiculed my faitha and culture and I died defending his right to do so." You don't even know if the dead policman even knew "Charlie" was the office where the gunmen killed those 11, nor do you know if the police officer knew that Charlie printed those vile cartoons (free speech or not, they WERE vile). So this is really just someone's fancy.
Muslims do not believe in the concept of freedom of expression clearly then Islam is incompatible with democracies. The only solution is mass deportations.
"We can lock arms and agree that a majority of Muslims across the world do not condone what happened in Paris yesterday," Actually, we cannot agree that this is necessarily so. Anybody ever taken a poll even? How do you know? It's as unsupported a statement as Howard Dean's that "they are as Muslim as I am...that's not what the Koran says"...anybody out there actually believe Howard Dean has read the Koran, which if I am not mistaken, cannot be written in any language besides Arabic?
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The Black Brunch Brats

Scott853 Wrote: Jan 07, 2015 5:04 PM
Yes, laziness and apathy among conservatives. We all could be working harder to shaming and silence these goobers.
That would be interesting, a large influx of homo-hating Muslims flooding San Francisco.
Might be time for a pogrom to expell all Muslims from our civilized Western countries. The way Islam is practiced today seems to be incompatible with Western democracies.
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