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fiddly dee--cut funding all you want, Obama and his Marxist co conspirators will just take the easy route and spend no time reviewing any work permit application, assuming of course any illegal will bother to get a work permit---how long would it take to pencil whip 8 million applications if you spend NO TIME looking them over? Heck, get them to do it online, the computer handles everything, including the work permit printing.
How does not being in the Union keep Scots from selling their goods to the Union's consumers, as they do now? Does anyone expect a big wave of 'patriotic consumerism' in which UK consumers only buy from companies making products in the UK, so will stop buying anything from Scotland after it leaves the Union? What are the chances of that being a significant now stopped flow of goods from Scotland to the new UK? Perhaps the flow of goods TOWARDS Scotland will be affected significantly, but I doubt it.
If the experience of Florida and Arizona are any indication, the 'blue' people (liberals, socialists and communists) will move to red states and FROM THE FIRST DAY work to change and remake the red state where they now live. The trend noted in this article isn't good news, IMO, in fact, it's terrible news, because the same terrible conditions (high taxes, rent control, overpriced homes, etc.) that exist today in the blue states will eventually be introduced into the red states, so THOSE red states will now be ruined. It's happened in Florida, it's happening in happened in Washington, historically a liberal state, but some conservatives; now it's been "Californicated," that is, destroyed by emigrants from California who have replicated the same terrible business climate in Washington that they left in California. Maybe in response, conservatives in red states should invade blue states and start working to change those blue states into purple and eventually, red states.
17? That's all? That's all Republicans have to show after DECADES of whining about voter fraud and the need for picture IDs? What a waste of time and money.
I have no idea what Vespa's personal opinion of OsamaCare is, but he's just stating his opinion of why it won't be repealed; what is your objection to that? Doesn't show lack of backbone IMO just because he is making a prediction about the future. My opinion for instance is ISIL or ISIS will beat the government forces in Iraq, because our Coward in Chief will stand by and do very little to stop them. That's just a prediction, a guess on my part, but that doesn't mean I approve what ISIS or ISIL's terrorists are doing.
didn't you hear Harry Reid? He said all those stories were 'fiction'.
The only saving grace here is that the SCOTUS OsamaCare decision will go down in history as one of the worst SCOTUS decisions ever, right up there next to Dred Scott and Plessy vs. Ferguson.
agree with you completely. They are buying votes just as Demo-rats do.
sounds like the Republicans are going to be just as bad as the Demo-rats--they won't repeal OsamaCare because too many voters in key states are benefitting from health care welfare. This means Republicans are fine with vote buying, which is what OsamaCare subsidies amount to. Doesn't anyone in the GOP have conservative principles anymore? Shame! Shame!
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Policing a Riot

Scott853 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 10:38 AM
Hey clueless libertarians like Stossel--the so called "peaceful demonstrators" were throwing Molotov cocktails! They weren't peaceful, and throwing tear gas is really the least the police should be doing.
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Stupid Is As Krugman Does

Scott853 Wrote: Aug 18, 2014 11:26 AM
Small correction--the author's last name is spelled Hazlitt. Thanks for the tip, I'll read that one next time I order from Amazon!
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