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hey, I've talked to brainless Demo-rats that BELIEVE this stuff! They don't believe any of the stories about people paying massively more for health insurance, or having their health insurer drop them. They think those are all just made up stories.
You know what I wake up every morning, eager to see what the day will bring? Because every time morons like this leftist Simon opens his mouth, he/she says something DUMBER than the really dumb thing some goofball liberal said the previous day. It's like having a new present to open every day; you just never know what's inside! Liberals never disappoint--one of them will say something tomorrow that is dumber than what Simon said; you watch!
At least when he's golfing, he's not hurting the US. I say let him golf, the more time on the links, the better.
of course if we have some 'moles' in the group that did the shooting, then we know if they have the expertise to shoot those AA missiles.
thanks for pointing that out--all 3 sides here could have people trained to operate these systems, which were operated by ordinary grunts (I don't know about Russia, but it is really amazing to me the responsibility very young kids are given by the US military; properly trained of course--I for one had access to Top Secret, special compartmented information like KH XX satellite photos when I was 19!). Rather than say, "they don't have the expertise" the more correct thing to say is, "it's unlikely they don't have the expertise." However, none of us knows, and any one in our government that says he knows is lying.
Remember the Pakistani character from Seinfeld that appeared to have an unusually long index finger that he waved while saying, "Jerry Seinfeld is a very bad man, a very very bad man"? That's what I think the European 'response' is going to be to this---"Putin is a very bad man, a very very bad man." then do nothing.
"...deal of training that the separatists do not have." I have heard this statement several times the last week and it cannot be verified, of course. YOU don't know that they don't have the training, Paul! Who do you think manned those weapons when the military had them in their possession? Just ordinary grunts, sergeants, corporals, low ranking officers! You don't know--it's quite possible some of the separatists had been in the military and had manned those systems when they were in the military. You just don't know, Paul, do you? Well then shut up until you do know. As far as who has something to gain or lose from this tragedy...maybe it was just a mistake, a horrible horrible mistake, like when the US's $500million air defense system shot down an Iranian airliner...BY MISTAKE.
typical liberal response, ad hominem attack (look it up if you don't know what it means). How about address something RP said directly and attempt to refute it, as I am trying to do (the comment posting isn't going too well here...lots of "wait ..wait...wait").
There must be something mentally wrong with the leaders of these so-called churches. They are abrogating the responsibility to help their congregations live moral and ethical lives when they associate with degenerates like this.
oooooo. I'll bet Russia is just shakin' in its boots!
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