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think they'll cut off the baby's horns when it comes out?
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We Are A Nation Of Narcissists

Scott853 Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 9:59 AM
great points--we've already seen the damage the children of the Boomers have caused.
"herself as a "bleeding-heart liberal" and a longtime Democratic Party voter, loyalist, and fund-raiser. She is as mystified as I am." I am mystified too--how can she be a loyal Democrat voter, when the party she supports is so feckless, or so quiet about this obvious human rights violation? People in her party support this censorship, either actively or inactively by being indifferent to it or not standing up for what is right. How can she support a party of such people, such cowards?
Isn't there more than a few centuries of jurisprudence that specifically forbids changing laws to make actions retroactively crimes.
Paul never met Jesus, how would Paul know that Jesus had a wife? Only from those that were there, and if they didn't say anything to Paul, then how would he know?
How does the existence of a manuscript from admittedly hundreds of years after the fact prove Jesus had a wife? It doesn't of course. Shouldn't we trust more the writings of people who were there or probably had spoken to people who WERE THERE when Jesus was teaching? No where in the New Testament, written by people who were there or knew people who were there, does it tell us Jesus had a wife. Aren't you much more inclined to trust the writings of a Jesus contemporary than the writings penned centuries later?
No real reason to call Steve421 names. However, Steve421 might want to look at Sweden now. For years, they benefitted from common language, culture, and ethnicity. Recently they are becoming a haven of immigrants whose only apparent goal is to take as much welfare as possible from the state. In response, Sweden is dialing back their welfare state substantially, and their economy has been growing as a result.
I know...let Michael Barone do an analysis of likely voter preferences, and then make the OPPOSITE prediction.
Ho-hum! One jerk replacing another jerk.
So what? They couldn't have named a single Obama accomplishment in 2008 either, and would have struggled to name a positive accomplishment in 2012. Hillary is still winning in 2016.
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