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Obama's War on Billionaires

Scott853 Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 11:31 AM
Putting pressure on Russia's billionaires is the best way to resolve this problem peacefully IMO; no idea what Ransom would be against that.
Liberal find it's very easy to be 'for' something when you have no intention, indeed you shun, any personal involvement or responsibility. Ah, the twisted mind of a liberal, if they weren't doing so much damage, I'd enjoy making fun of them...now they just make me sick.
Since the growth of companies that survived from the 1950s, as McD's has obviously, did not occur in a vacuum, absent of any outside influences that it, it would be impossible to say with any amount of certainty that the fact that McD's survived all those years of min. wage increases and imposition of onerous government regulation is evidence that those things have a negligible affect on companies.
Only a study of the businesses that have failed since the 1950s would allow you to make your point. Your points are all conjecture, and you've only the single data point (McD's) to back it up. Go ahead, try to publish that study with one and only one data point--tell me, does the model (essentially a curve of some form, linear or exponential for instance) go through your single data point with a straight line? Cubic? logarithmic perhaps? We can connect two dots with a single straight line--what do you connect one and only one dot with?
Why don't all the libs and bleeding hearts, who frankly don't seem very bright to me, want workers to get paid higher wages, why don't they start their own companies? They can pay the workers anything they want to...look at Michael Moore, has his own movie production, moves his filming to Vancouver, far away from those pesky, overpaid Hollywood unionistas (obviously if you are a liberal or a leftist and are reading this, you're too dense to see the irony in Moore's hypocritical behavior).
The Obama Administration at this point is either stubbornly ineffectual or completely incompetent Conservatives and anyone else with a brain has been saying that since 2008--the man may be good at winning elections, but he SUCKS at governing.
they are just jealous because they aren't as hot as her...man this woman is smokin' hot good lookin'!
remember, it's not a lie if you believe it.
the most surprising thing to me is the MSM hack on the left even challenged her on his 'misinformation.' Usually they either aren't smart enough or courageous enough to point out the Demo-rat is wrong.
unfair! you can't expect a Demo-rat party hack, a congenital liar, to have her facts straight! :s
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