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What are you saying? Now that we've wasted 4 years 'tuition' on government sponsored, union dominated, monopoly of the state high schools that are doing a horrible job now, we should be more than happy to extend the 'free' just 2 more years so that kiddies can waste two more years in state sponsored, monopoly, union dominated community colleges? Seriously, are you really that dense to miss the irony, or did I miss your point?
You think there's grade inflation now, wait til kids start getting 'free' tuition! If you are breathing when the class starts, you're getting the min. passing grade, which will no doubt be something like a C or C+, which you currently get just for breathing. No actual effort required other than occasionally getting to class.
"I refused to listen to President Bottomless Piehole’s speech the other night," durn, KS, don't hold back, tell us what you REALLY think of President Dope! LOL I love that...having to wash my own car is a burden, it's tyranny! Why shouldn't we all get free car washes from the gu-mint?
You know the difference between a Nobel Peace Prize, which is a purely political award, and a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, which is awarded to you based on something of merit you did, right? That said, Krugman's award in economics is in a completely different area of economics in which he comments (wrongly) by day for the Old York Times.
No? Wait! Algore works out? You mean at a gym, an actual gym? I thought the most strenuous thing he did was raising a fork full of lobster to big fat know nothing mouth?
The ending isn't over; the ending will be when the City of Ferguson is trashed like north St. Louis City.
Give the residents time. Roughly 20,000 residents. In 1970, 99% white, 1% black. Today, 67% black, 29% white, rest Asian and other races and ethnic groups. In 10 years, my prediction it will be less than 5% white. Also, businesses are openly admitting to the local press they are closing up for good; many of these businesses that won't be returning are owned by fine, law abiding citizens who just happen to be black. This is how St. Louis becomes Detroit.
I wish he'd do it, he has a lot of targets to sue.
Wow. Imagine how overwhelming the evidence was in Wilson's favor must be for the DOJ to back away from trying to fabricate a case from thin air. Next we'll see Eric Holder's (and that scum Lacy Clay's, who should be sued by Wilson because he called him a murderer only 1 day after Michael Brown attacked Wilson and was killed) apology to Darren Wilson, right?
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Early Presidential Prospects

Scott853 Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 10:44 AM
"If you think back to the most politically successful Republican presidents of the 20th century -- Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge and Dwight D. Eisenhower -- they were all men who already had the experience of being responsible for results, whether as governors or as a military commander in the case of General Eisenhower. Those Republican presidents who self-destructed politically -- Hoover and Nixon, for example -- lacked that kind of background, however much they might have had other assets." Guess Dr. Sowell didn't think that Hoover, as head of the Committee for Relief in Belgium (during WWI), and later, as head of the American Relief Agency (after WWI), both of which were responsible for feeding millions of the war's victims, or as the multimillionaire investor/entrepeneur before WWI as being 'responsible for results.' Hard to imagine any one on this list other than Eisenhower that had more responsibility for results before his Presidency as Hoover did.
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