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I am thinking 'Good! that means more people will get hurt by this travesty of a law, the more the better.' Then I thought, 'oh durn, that just means the Republicans, who contrary to what they say, aren't going to do anything about OsamaCare, will in fact increase the subsidies so that these people won't get hurt.' You watch--the Republicans will strengthen OsamaCare, if no other reason to try to buy the votes of the insurance welfare recipients who will never vote Republican anyway.
what's the point of voting if a single scumbag judge can overturn the will of millions of voters?
The little general must be impeached an removed from office. Could Biden be any worse, with the GOP holding both the Senate and House?
We ALREADY know, based on voting patterns of the scum given amnesty in the 1980s, and which vote 70% for Demo-rats, that his current crop of criminal scum doesn't look any different than that bunch, and therefore WILL vote 70% for Demo-rats. Republicans are STOOOOOPID.
If an illegal alien has a job, he has COMMITTED A FELONY, because the only way to get a job is to forge papers, OR for his employer to not do his legal obligation and check right to work documents. Therefore, any illegal alien now working or his employer must be arrested and jailed.
Haven't had such a crook in the White House since Nixon.
33 percent? How can OsamaCare have that kind of approval rating amongst independents?
Many poor are poor because of the bad choices they make AGAIN AND AGAIN. The woman is in bad shape with one kid, yep, let's go have another. One wonders if the same thing would have happened if she WASN'T on the dole already.
No need to get a gym membership, walking is practically free. But she is right, eating healthy food is much more expensive than eating unhealthy food. Why is that? Fat is cheaper than beans I guess.
Davis failed to move Texas to the Left--I guess I need to give Texans more credit than I do. Good on ya, Texas! Stopped the leftist political machinery right in its place. But be vigilant! They will continue to try to destroy your state as they have destroyed others.
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