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they are just jealous because they aren't as hot as her...man this woman is smokin' hot good lookin'!
remember, it's not a lie if you believe it.
the most surprising thing to me is the MSM hack on the left even challenged her on his 'misinformation.' Usually they either aren't smart enough or courageous enough to point out the Demo-rat is wrong.
unfair! you can't expect a Demo-rat party hack, a congenital liar, to have her facts straight! :s
There is no one in this country who as full of cr*p as Ron Paul. Paul makes a brainless statement that the Russians must have helped the rebels, who couldn't know how to operate the Buk themselves. What a surprise, turns out RP is WRONG. http://aviationweek.com/defense/buk-missile-system-lethal-undiscriminating Go to the start of the 2nd paragraph: "The Buk-M1 (SA-11 Gadfly to NATO) can be used by minimally trained operators..." Nothing worse than a know nothing a**clown sounding 'authoritative'. Ron Paul should be committed to a mental institution and made sure he is given his meds. He certainly shouldn't be allowed to print his Art Bell conspiracy trash at Townhall.com
Please stop quoting Huffington Post--they are unreliable, and they lie. At least when you read the National Enquirer and Globe, they don't make any pretenses about being the truth as HuffPo does.
people hurt by OsamaCare? C'mon, those are just STORIES...ask Harry Reid! He'll tell you-Fox News is just making this stuff up...sure. :s
hey, I've talked to brainless Demo-rats that BELIEVE this stuff! They don't believe any of the stories about people paying massively more for health insurance, or having their health insurer drop them. They think those are all just made up stories.
You know what I wake up every morning, eager to see what the day will bring? Because every time morons like this leftist Simon opens his mouth, he/she says something DUMBER than the really dumb thing some goofball liberal said the previous day. It's like having a new present to open every day; you just never know what's inside! Liberals never disappoint--one of them will say something tomorrow that is dumber than what Simon said; you watch!
At least when he's golfing, he's not hurting the US. I say let him golf, the more time on the links, the better.
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