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This f******g scumbg did WHAT? Concord Mass., where some of the first volleys of the Revolution were fired, is where the children are lain prostrate before a subjugating and tyrannical ideology? ....Jesus. Jesus Christ...
Settles it: dumbest SOB alive...
I've no doubt that somebody has said this already, but when does somebody more versed in the atrocities of 'islam,' set up a similar site that boldly states "mohammed's mammy should have met a coathanger?
brandon, it doesn't seem to me that 'just the facts..." is making that claim. It is well spoken in conservative circles that most folks just don't believe that there are commanders or "head shed," that would actually give an order to fire against their own people. That is easy enough to hear for yourself, if you look on just a few boards or engage a conversation. However, the problem is that here is at least one of these "commanders," that would, if the story is correct, happily do precisely that: order combat against Citizens because of their ideological belief. The concern is that when one makes a blanket assertation like "no, they wouldn't," it really doesn't take long to find out that that assertation is dead wrong. Morover, (s)he makes no claim as to the Enlisted personnel, as your comment suggests that you are or were. However, if there are any of the officers that would so easily and simply violate their oath for their own ideological stake, it is a fair assumption that there are about an equivalent proportion of Enlisted that would do the same thing. Long story short, there are lowlife scumbags in all rank, title, and position in the military. The days of being able to trust are long gone, and have been for is 'icing' on the liberal cake that violating the principles and integrity of our honored dead is now business as ususal in every branch. Will everybody in the military, should the time come, mindlessly fire on his/her countrymen? Of course not, and there will be as much blood and dissention in the ranks as there is in the world at large when that happens. But, to assume that none of the "modern soldier," would do so is utter nonsense. The "modern soldier," is, in many instances (and growing daily), an extension of the perpetual entitlement and victim mentality of every protected class that the politicos have foisted upon us. This will become a performance, honor, integrity, and trust issue between the military and the civvie population....if it hasn't already. I honor the military in most situations, and allow me to give thanks for your service as well, but to blindly trust an armed organization that has become more political and less moral, by great leaps and bounds over the last few years, is stupid. It is not a personal insult to you. However, I'm willing to bet you can think of a few bastards that it would insult accurately. That those scumbags exist is precisely why "just the facts..." made the comment at all.
Don't worry too much, Jim. For months, or apparently even years, before the primaries even begin, there will be media types and wanna-be political consultants cramming the "only electable," narrative down our collective throats for Christie. Further, once Christie is nominated, we'll be treated to more ludicrously one-sided favor lauded upon Clinton (the most likely nominee from the communist camp).
"All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with amendments as on other Bills." -U.S. Consititution, Article 7, Clause 1. Therefore, all bills of appropriation (i.e. revenue generation) MUST originate in the House of Reps. The Senate has the authority to suggest, amend, or recommend, but NOT originate. The House is the ultimate convening authority over ALL monies tha the USG spends, period. Anything otherwise is a violation of the Constitution of the United States, and violators should be charged as criminals (and I'll leave everyone here to sort their own meaning out). The House has all of the authority the the USC offers to shut the whole mess down, posthaste. The GOP does not due to their complicity. They are spineless, gutless, and willing accomplices in the theft and rape of our rights and lands.
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The Crucifixion of Jason Richwine

Scott50 Wrote: May 10, 2013 5:43 PM
Mathematics and rational economic conclusions, based upon said mathematical evidence, is a "racist," slur, then? Good, since it's all in the same boat, let's start talking about affirmative action as the failure that it is, the disparate numbers of "minorities," in prisons for committing more violent and drug crimes, and the proportionally enormous enrollment in welfare programs by "minorities." Since reason itself is a racist construct, let's get all the information out there and attack all of the problems at the same time. It comes down to one thing really: who is the sponge, and who is taxed to the ends of the earth (and credit taken out in their name) to support the parasite classes...
Dear Mr. Rubio, You have proven yourself a sell-out, and willing to denigrate and enslave American citizens for your pet project. Do yourself a favor and retire before your once-promising future as a conservative voice of reason is further tainted. You, like all the others, seem far more concerned for your legacy and re-election chances than you do about the Citizens of our Nation, and your pandering is no longer welcome. Propagandize to an Obama fundraiser, since that's precisely where you belong.
Rich, you just hit on the only real salvation for minimalizing gov't. spending. I say kudos for being of sound enough mind to read and understand our Consitution. There is the blatant reality of the situation that there will always be tax increases passed by the dark of night in order to continue the spending binge. There is also the underlying problem of whether or not 3/4 of all state legislatures would approve and pass said amendment, since the states, by and large, suckle from the gov't. teat as readily as most welfare junkies...
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Civil War’s A-Brewin’

Scott50 Wrote: Feb 09, 2013 5:47 AM
Indeed, a society that will not convict criminals or which calls their punishment "inhumane," cannot have order or peace in any established fashion.
That's right, they don't.... And their godless thievery and corruption are still winning the day. There is no positive solution, there will be a nation of slaves, or no nation at all.
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