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Read and weep over what? Thievery, regardless of the stripe of the perpetrator, is still thievery. The Feds have no role, by the Constitution, involving themselves in the private business and care decisions between a Citizen and the doctors that they employ. To consider otherwise is heresy unto this Nation, its Authority, and all those who died to protect the sovereignty of the People.
Hmm.... a mouthpiece for a 'one-world,' governance scheme conveniently believes that an oligarchy, such as communism, is the one governmental model everybody should embrace? Absolutely shocking. When will these parasites finally die off?
Yankee aggression, Southern defense. Who fired the first shot is immaterial when one looks at the long list of transgressions the Yankee states employed against the Confederate States. Read a real history book instead of a hack like Howard Zinn, and the cause/effect relationship becomes clear.
Sadly, this has been, more or less, since the 'judiciary,' granted themselves the power of the oligarchy in 1803; i.e., Marbury vs. Madison. John Marshall fancied himself a ruler and lord over all over all that he surveyed.....and it has held true as "law," ever since.
Clinton's impeachment wasn't about stupidity; at least, not on his part. It centered around his constant lying and eventual perjury. Perjury is a felony (in most jurisdictions that I'm aware of), and is punishable by time in prison on top of fines. The stupidity came in when people were actually starting to believe there was no lie involved when that scumbag tried to question the definition of "is." People and apparently the Senate, were too stupid to define "is;" or, a factual state of being.
And you'd like everyone to walk around a potential victim, just because there might be a criminal with a gun? Neat how that can be turned around, no? Let's get something straight: my freedoms and rights are not forfeit to any criminal, nor will they ever be. I don't see why folks like you just don't understand that simple equivocation. My rights are not forfeit, criminals' are forfeit. End of story.
This f******g scumbg did WHAT? Concord Mass., where some of the first volleys of the Revolution were fired, is where the children are lain prostrate before a subjugating and tyrannical ideology? ....Jesus. Jesus Christ...
Settles it: dumbest SOB alive...
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