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That'd be nice, but seeing as how that f*ckstick has broken just about every law on the books, I doubt it.
Calling an animal out for being an animal degrades a citizen's credibility? I see...you were appointed the grand arbiter of credibility at which point in time? You want to do anything about the criminality and criminal population in the US? Follow these suggestions: nonviolent felonies, 1st offense, 10 years. Violent felonies, 1st offense, execution. MIsdemeanors , punishments actuated by county jails and prisons with a second offense for any misdemeanor punished as a felony. Condiiton of prisions: plain water, rice gruel, and locked in a cell 24/7 with no entertainment, exercise, human contact, library, cable TV, nada...preferably chained to a wall by one extremity. Eradicate the human filth.
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Guess What? I'm Having An Abortion Today

Scott50 Wrote: Aug 03, 2014 12:42 AM
Forgiveness is one thing, and reform is another. This much is true. However, if there truly is a God above all things, then forgiveness is for Him, not the broken creatures that we are. I consider his sterilization comment thusly: she's proven herself a murderer once, and I, for one, am not willing to allow her the option to repeat the offense. Reform programs have shown us that 'reform,' in and of itself is a discredited fantasy; and to let a murderous harlot like this 'author,' to repeat her crime can make everyone involved an accomplice for not taking part to prevent its repetition.
Unconditionally, without warning. Annihilate every inhabitant of gaza. If the kidnapped soldier is there, give him the honor of dying as a soldier instead of a prisoner. That young man had no doubt at all that he stood a chance of death on the battlefield, and went to do his duty with honor. Raze gaza to the ground, says I, and rebuild the first Israeli city there in his honor.
Not likely, all the 'aid,' goes right into munitions and mohammedan tyrants' pockets.
No. No more warnings. These are not people. These are animals. If Israel is wise, they will offer no more 'nicety,' in their fight for self-defense. The entirety of Gaza should be blanketed, and no mohammedans left to tell any tales. This has gone well past 'far enough.'
1803, really....
You're right, Nancy. Instead of beginning with reasonable and measured disagreement over the rampant theft and governmental debauchery, your kind of folks went directly to threats, riots, burning GWB in effigy, etc. I remember when somebody hung the african princess in effigy and the SS were all over the town: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/obama-effigy-hung-in-georgia-town/
Cute, no fewer than three posts eradicated in less than five minutes.... Awesome, TH, keep proclaiming that this is a bastion of freedom while censoring the People.
Read and weep over what? Thievery, regardless of the stripe of the perpetrator, is still thievery. The Feds have no role, by the Constitution, involving themselves in the private business and care decisions between a Citizen and the doctors that they employ. To consider otherwise is heresy unto this Nation, its Authority, and all those who died to protect the sovereignty of the People.
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