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Stocks in the News: AAPL, F, FDX

Scott4616 Wrote: May 01, 2013 4:27 PM
Political Correctness is a lie in the form of an unwritten social contract. In exchange for juvenile “group acceptance”, the participants agree to ignore obvious truths in order to not offend, and more importantly, not to be perceived by others as even *potentially* offending anyone belonging to a currently favored class of people. It enforces censorship of any thought or speech that does not conform with Leftist dogma, because if you dare say anything contrary, the group will turn on you instantly. So then Political Correctness is just social dishonesty based on grade-school peer-pressure intimidation, which the Left uses to maintain conformity among the clueless and the weak-minded who know better but have no spine. And it’s pathetic.

Welcome to John Ransom’s Stocks in the News where the headline meets the trendline:

                  Stock Number One is:

Name:  Apple Inc. (AAPL) --

and the headline says: 

Apple Seen Raising Dividend More Than 50% to $16 Billion  (Bloomberg)

Wall Street analysts are expecting Apple Inc. to raise its quarterly dividend to about $4.14, or a yield of 3.75%.  This increase would easily be funded out of cash flow.

The stock price has been hemorrhaging since it became clear that earnings growth has ground to a halt.  Earnings per share are projected...