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Police Killed By Guns Up 56% in 2014

Scott451 Wrote: Dec 31, 2014 9:52 AM
Percentages are often used to make the numbers appear more impressive than they really are. A little context is in order. There are almost 700,000 LEO's in this country. In 2012 and 2013 respectively, 121 and 110 LEO's died on duty. Of those, roughly equal numbers were killed by gunfire and car accidents (including single vehicle accidents). In the deadliest year for LEO's (1973) there were 280 deaths. These numbers are all fractions of a percenatge point. As "dangerous" occupations go, poilce work is one of the safest. So, the number of LEO's killed by GUNFIRE alone went up by about 20 year-over-year, and we are to believe that this constitutes some kind of national crisis? Sorry, but no. When the national LEO death rate hits the same numbers as the murder rates in Chicage or Detroit, then I'll concede that there is a larger problem.
Here's a few more ideas. How about we end the federal gas tax entirely, road maintenance is a state/local issue. How about ALL money collected from gas taxes be segregated, and can ONLY be spent on road maintenance and construction. Also, require that ALL contracted jobs use a competitive bidding process, with all the received bids becoming part of the public record once the job is awarded. Many places just dump the gas tax money into the general fund, where it gets spent on just about everything except roads. When the money is spent on roads, the jobs are no-bid, or the bids are forever sealed after the job is awarded, and we have to take the politicians' word that they got the best deal. This "charge by the mile" scheme wouldn't change any of that. There's plenty of money out there already for roads. As usual, the core of the problem is the politicians and the bureaucracy.
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