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bbtruth, sadily at 56 I agree with what you wrote. The problem is social shift and drift. No moorings, no rudder, no stability.
Silence by Mark, speaks volumes...
Problem with Fox, they don't serve KoolAid to viewers.
Actually, all liberal "sheeple" are embarrassed by Fox...
So, what are the lies, and please be specific. If you will not do so, you are indeed a common liberal "bloviator".
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Fox News, 'America's Poison'?

Scott4425 Wrote: May 09, 2012 12:33 PM
FOXNEWS is poison all right... poison to the socialist / "Progressive" cause. If not for FOX, Americans would all be fed from the same can of crap the mainstream Media opens...
This woman backs water faster than a sump pump. Fire for effect, then when opposed, just deflect. Typical Liberal, another mindless hunk of driftwood.
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