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Michelle Obama: "Nervous" for Obama, but "He's a Very Good Debater"

scott41174 Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 12:49 PM
I hate Rachael MANCOW.She really bothers the hell out of me with her side kick that looks like her but in male form. MSNBC should be taken off the air. All of you left wingers really need to wake up and get off the Messiah train. Barack Hussan will not be re-elected. These polls are so skewd to the left its sick. You left wingers are complete idiots. I needed to say that. The Messiah will be nervious tonight because guess what NO Teleprompter. He is dead meat tonight.

In an attempt at preemptive damage control, Team Obama has been downplaying the boss' debate skills while insinuating that Romney possesses some kind of unparalleled rhetorical genius -- the point being that it's expected Romney wins the debates.

But in an interview airing on CNN at 7PM tonight, First Lady Michelle Obama admitted that while she's certainly nervous for her husband, he is really good at what he's about to do. Well, at least someone's honest:

"I get so nervous at these debates," a laughing Obama told CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jessica Yellin. "I'm like...