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Articles like this are exactly why discussions about strategy make me want to vomit. For example, this quote: "One of the groups with whom Romney did worst was female “low-information voters.” Those are women who don’t really follow politics, and vote based on a vague sense of who’s mean and who’s nice, who’s cool and who’s uncool." ...does not present itself as an argument for buying up womens magazines and other outlets (as the writer is suggesting). If you are voting for national-level political offices based on those dimensions, you are ruining the country. You should step aside and let the grown ups make the decisions. It is a reason to not allow "low information voters" to vote. But I will be called "racist, misogynist, white/male privileged etc etc blah blah blah" for saying that.
I am OK with extending it to property/homeowners, business owners, and military/ex-military. But you are absolutely correct. No skin in the game, no vote.
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Guns in the Home

Scott397 Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 2:07 PM
Sorry Bob. Offering fig leaves to the gun control crowd in hopes that they will se us as "sensible" and leave us alone misses the entire point of a "right." When the home invasion robbers come to my house in the middle of the night, I will have a few seconds to arm myself. My gun in a safe is like having no gun at all.
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