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Ain't we kind of encouraging our enemies to seek out new POW's, seeing as the had such a success trading this prisoner os questionable value in for five of their worst? I have to wonder if we didn't just declare open season on Americans abroad - heck, even here at home! "Get 'em while they're hot folks! Five-for-one-special!"
What is truly sad is that a great many good folks will fall for the rhetoric. I have relatives who remain staunchly in support of both the President and his policies, and these are folks whom I would have considered solid conservatives in past ages. Unfortunately, they still believe in alphabet news sources, are heavily invested in Fed bonds, are desperately depending on the success of the Gov't "healthcare fix" and are just too vulnerable right now to go looking for the truth. How many of us have similar stories? I fear there are many, and those are votes toward our doom...
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Cultural Roots of a Fiscal Crisis

Scott285 Wrote: Oct 14, 2013 9:21 AM
Far out, man --- gonna quibble over the NAME of it for a while.... Meantime, country is on the skids because no-one seems to know how to agree on PRINCIPLE and get this program running again. OMFG
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