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I bet he and Anderson Cooper look so cute together when they go out on the town.
The opposite could be argued too, lol. Muslims probably think liberals are useful idiots who are tolerated now. Then when the caliphate is established, all these nutjobs will have their heads on the chopping block right next to all the Christians.
Great..........and liberal professors and teachers are ok if they keep their mouths shut about their politics and just, oh I don't know..........maybe, TEACH facts instead of indoctrinating.
I am shocked and outraged, OUTRAGED, I tell you. I call for the immediate end of the use of the term "Vikings" by all high school, college and professional teams, as I am a "Norwegian-American" and can no longer tolerate the disparagement of my race.
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10 Crazy Signs I Saw at SlutwalkDC

Scott206 Wrote: Aug 12, 2013 11:04 PM
These women are even more stupid than I thought. They of all people should know that rape is NOT a "crime of passion". Every expert says it's about power and control and degrading women, not how they dress. Rapists probably gain more twisted pleasure by victimizing women who dress classy, not ones who already degrade themselves by the way they act and dress.
Hey what's Obama supposed to do? Al Qaeda is on the run, and the economy is just humming along. He's gotta do something to keep busy until it's time to fill out his final four bracket. I mean you can only take so many vacations before even that gets old I imagine.
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Unsung Black People

Scott206 Wrote: Jul 24, 2013 9:46 PM
Here's a case in point. About 30 miles from Seattle is a smaller town called Tacoma. In Tacoma's Hilltop neighborhood, there was a huge influx of gangs moving up the coast from L.A. starting in the late 80's. The community was outraged that the police weren't doing their job to protect their neighborhoods, claiming it was racism that the residents weren't being protected. Soon after, a gang task force was set up to solve the problem. It didn't take much longer for religious and community leaders to set up protests because they felt the police were unfairly targeting young black males. I'm sure that would have made Joseph Heller chuckle.
"No other animal in the wild mass produces other animals and tortures them the way we do in slaughterhouses and factories.” No, they just hunt them down and tear them apart with their claws and teeth. lol.
Actually it would probably be more like "While we smear anyone who pursues these OBVIOUSLY trumped up charges, we'll take you to coverage of the ongoing brave struggle to legalize gay marriage".
Has this Dirt-bag ever been drug tested?
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