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"Things which equal the same thing also equal one another." Euclid 300 B.C. Father of Geometry I agree Thad = RINO RINO = Democrats Therefore Thad = Democrats RINO's must go pure and simple. I will NEVER again pull the lever for a RINO. I will never again place myself in the position to choose the lesser of two evils. If it means democrats get elected over RINO's who cares there isn't any difference anyway and in the process if it hastens the death of the republican party all I can say is that it wasn't soon enough.
Ben you just lost me, I am done with compromising, never again. ANY compromise with evil is still evil ......Time for the scorched earth policy of political war....So go back to retirement please
Really to far to the right.? So ...what Liberty is a dirty word to you now? If that the case go back to your democratic roots please your Quisling attitude is what lost us the elections since Reagan...Even when we won we got a Bush.. No Thank YOU.
Neither Clinton, not the congress, nor the supreme courts nor the governors can stop us from gathering except by force. That would start something the state-ist do not want. remember they aim to control, I don't think they want to control a pile of rubble. Yes we want good people in Washington but it wont matter a hill of beans if once they get there they are neutered. H3cK even Rand Paul came out in support of Senator Snow. So what good is sending them there really going to do if they wind up like that. If you want to drain the swamp take away their power. once they figure out the position grants them nothing, they will leave....
He escaped the Island of Cuba as it was invade and the rightful government was destroyed and over thrown. So Cruz Sr. didn't have a country...
Truth is it doesn't matter who gets elected, Washington is Broken. Washington will NEVER fix Washington. But we can, Article V of the US Constitution gives us the power to call for a convention of states where we can offer amendments to limit the power, scope and jurisdiction of the federal government, and to limit terms of office for its officials. That is our only real hope. www.conventionofstates.com
Every time the "party" manipulates the system to get what it wants we loose. neither of the Bushes where a success , Dole, McCain, and Romney drove away conservative voters who where tired of holding their nose to elect the lesser of 2 evils. If we do this again we loose and the party will go the way of the Whigs.
I am beginning to agree, leave Cruz and Paul in the senate, Walker just might be the man to get behind...
Steve, Cruz's father did not have a country at the time of Cruz's birth. Since his country does not exist he had no citizenship to confer onto his son. That has left only his mother. Since She is/was an American citizen so is Mr. Cruz.
S C R E W the 11th commandment the enemy has infiltrated our party, it is hand to hand combat time. Vote them out, primary them at every turn. Shout the truth at them at every speech. Denounce them for what they are at every opportunity. NO MORE will we just take it as they sell us down the river. We are DONE with those games.
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