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What an evil man...as if there was any remaining doubt. If you want to argue the equally dispassionate position on the flipside of this coin, did he take into account the opportunity cost of the abortions in that paper? Did he take into account the possibility that a great medical researcher who would have discovered the cure to ALS was aborted? Did he take into the account the cost of losing entrepreneurs and inventors that the world will never know of because they were aborted? Did he take into account the social and monetary cost of the caring for the mental anguish of those women who chose to have abortions? On our side, we often frame abortion in the context of being murder (frankly, because it is); however, I think these other questions are perfectly valid ones to ask somebody who either doesn't believe in God or doesn't take Him seriously.
I totally agree with this. There is not a better face that Senate Republicans can put at the forefront of immigration battle against the President. He artculates and communicates ideas so well (in both English and Spanish), and has the added benefit of NOT being an old white guy. He's one of the few guys we have that could not possibly be branded a racist for opposing whatever EO is coming.
Take this with a grain of salt because I’ve got a closet full of tinfoil hats, but what this administration has done to aid the cause of Muslim extremists and terrorism sounds like a rejected “24” script. From killing bin Laden, to supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, to Benghazi, to refusing to label the Ft. Hood shooting as terrorism, to releasing Taliban officials…it’s stunning. And yes, I put killing bin Laden in there. What better way to convince the American people that the Barack is one of the good guys…than by letting him preside over the killing of the world’s foremost terrorist. Osama had outlived his usefulness, and allowing himself to be killed was the best way for him to be martyred. Even better to let him be killed by one of your own in the White House.
Uh, pretty much anybody who was paying attention back in 2008, that's who.
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Lockett & Load

Scott16 Wrote: May 08, 2014 10:45 AM
Since many of the same progressives that oppose the death penalty don't think North Korea is so bad...maybe we can set up a prisoner exchange program for guys like this. If he pulled that stuff at Camp 14, he'd be dead in two days, and it would almost certainly involve torture.
Don't let the content of the book and the school district draw you away from the single most troubling thing in this article: "MORE THAN 80 PERCENT (OF PARENTS) CONSENTED WITH THEIR STUDENTS CONTINUING WITH THE BOOK." We can talk about indoctrination and pornography here all we want, but these kids are in a home life environment where it's perfectly OK for high school freshmen to be exposed to this filth. That's the root of the problem here...the people who want to protect their kids from this sort of thing are the ones branded as weirdos by the public.
"The idea of American Exceptionalism just seems to me like a fool's errand." -Bill Ayers That comes right near the end if you stick with it, and I think it sums up in one line what these people believe, and why they must be defeated in the arena of ideas.
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Put Some Clothes On

Scott16 Wrote: Dec 20, 2013 6:16 PM
"The message the wearer sends is 'I'm lazy'" This might get me in trouble here (because I have a feeling I'm in the minority), but when I read that line, the first thing that crossed my mind is, "I feel the exact same way about flip flops." Totally fine if you're going to the beach or the pool or hanging in your backyard on a warm summer day...otherwise, not so much. Flip-flops (thwap thwap) loudly announce to others that you didn't care enough to wear real shoes. Of course, I guess that slippers would be the footwear equivalent of PJ's out in public...and I have seen both, but not always at the same time.
I don't think there will be a lot of people who visit Townhall.com on a regular basis that is at all surprised. The evil and indecency of these people knows no bounds. Violence and death hidden behind a veil of compassion and choice.
That rate hike next fall will hit just in time for the libs to point their fingers at those "greedy" insurance companies and push for single payer. It was the plan all along. I think all of this is 100% orchestrated. Republicans beware.
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