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To the Parents of Newtown:

Scott1205 Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 12:48 PM
Grief does not lead to rational decisions. That's stated often by even Lefty Psychologists. The parents need to lash out, to "do something", to make their children's meaningless deaths meaningful. They do this by attacking guns. Had their children died in a bus accident would they be calling for the banning of buses and cars? Some might. However most would strike back by litigation against the school and anyone else they could. How little you understand human nature.

As this week’s gun control vote settles in, and as the President urges you toward angst and distress that compounds your already profound pain, I want to give you a different perspective that offers love, empathy and clarity.

But before I get to one syllable of the differences I--and millions of Americans-- have with your chosen reaction to the tragedy in your town and in your families, there is something that needs to be said.

It has been repeated countless times, and it should be, to all of you:

You are in our prayers every day. Those of us with children...