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"t would be fantastic if Santa Claus, Star Trek replicators, and genies were real" Frankly, a world in which those three things were real would be a terrifying place to live.
Jay! What is the percentage of the population that same-sex marriage laws affect? What he's done here is basically lowered the bar for any policy going forward. As long as it's not more than 5% of the population being affected, tough titties.
It would have been ridiculously simple to craft a clause in the regulation that allowed for annual premium increases. They chose not to do it. Not Congress, not the Republicans...no, "they" meaning the employees of the executive branch which, last time I checked, worked for one guy.
I'm interested to see the language of the bill that would have funded the government in total for a one year delay. Link?
What don't they get about the call to take care of the sick/meek/poor coming from the individual's own heart and work, not paying the government to take care of that for them?
Saddam Hussein did exactly the same thing to his own people in 1988. We didn't do anything about it then and held that course until he invaded Kuwait two years later. Kerry knows this and also knows that "rogue states" are going to continue to pursue nuclear weapons regardless of what we do. His entire speech is a drifting, baseless nothing. Can you hear the crickets? They're over there. On the left.
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Scott108 Wrote: Jun 08, 2012 11:22 AM
I originally read that as a "runway" monkey, ie, a monkey loose in a fashion show, with a paintball gun. I was surprisingly disappointed to reread it and discover this was not the case.
Comedic actor != stand up comedian and visa versa. Lovitz was exceptional on SNL. That doesn't mean he knows how to work a crowd in a former nail salon that seats now seats 200.
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