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The Right's Unwitting Obama Apologists

scook84 Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 4:59 PM
So, if what you're advocating is correct, where is the prosperity? Why are so many people not working? Why are Federal, State, and City governments so much in the red? Surely you realize that tax increases do NOT touch Soros, GE, Buffett, or the asset wealthy. They have no income. What they "earn" is through their assets.. Tax the rich??! Could you PLEASE come up with a better line?
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Vietnam Plus-50

scook84 Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 12:46 PM
Choi Oi!
Con't... You concern yourselves with what others have and seek ways to take it from them by demonizing them. You take, and take, and take, yet it is never enough. You seem to forget the simple fact that we get out of life that which we put in it. If we do nothing to earn it, we get nothing in return. Indeed, we deserve nothing. Truly, this is madness writ large.
I could understand your position and your belief system if there were actual success stories to back up your contentions that Socalism/Communism works. Unfortunately, there are none. In every country whose economic system leans socialist/communist there is nothing but poverty, unemployment, and economic depression. Be it Greece, Spain, Britain, Italy, etc, its all the same. In all honesty, How can it be otherwise when you: 1. Support abortion - Murder of innocent children 2. Support government healthcare - Death Panels 3. Support your enemies - Suicidal tendencies 4. Ridicule people with morals - Lack of moral grounding Your ideology is death, the innocent and common man, your sacrifice, and your hands stained with the blood of millions.
Hmm.. Still can't quite get the hang of how to think.. Didn't your doctor tell you to stop when the Q-tip encountered resistance?
Still not getting the historical picture? Hmmm.. How about this: 1. The Supreme Court's decision primarily affected which part of the country? (A: South) 2. The South, in 1957, was primarily which political party? (A: Democrat) 3. Which well known conservative actually marched with the demonstrators during the 1960's (A: Heston). 4. Which cities are still accused of Racism? 5. What political party controls the cities? *sigh* Your parents shoud sue the school that taught you. You been p'wnd, Bro!
You are in serious need of a history lesson. Does the name Wilberforce mean anything? How about the Quakers? The Underground Railroad? The Abolitionists? They were all Christian. Well, at least you know how to put a condum on a cucumber.. *sigh* Must really suck to be you.. All dressed up and no way to think..
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A Modest Proposal

scook84 Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 10:41 AM
I miss "Half-pint".. :-(
Actually, this website DID post an article about voter fraud by an organization hired by the GOP. It was the GOP that reported it and immediately fired the organization. Enjoy.. :-)
Ok... What is Obama's core ideology?
Hear! Hear! How many more must die on the altar of death?
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