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LIVE OPEN THREAD: Romney vs. Obama in Denver

scneocon Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 11:00 PM
Annoying & distracting. Kind of like the last four years of "occupy", "the "war on women", "evolving" on perverse marriage, a trillion $ on "shovel ready" jobs that turned out to be "not so shovel ready" & screwing our friends & bowing to our enemies. Your class warfare schtick is sooo last year & it's worn a little thin. Your boy just got his a$$ handed to him by the rich guy. Go rich guy!

Here we go.  The first major event of the most important month of the campaign.  We'll have live reaction and analysis throughout -- both on Twitter and elsewhere on the Tipsheet.  Stay tuned for a full recap and scorecard after the event ends, and feel free to share your running thoughts in the comments section during the 90-minute sparring session: