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Anyone here remember the giant inflatable George Bush figure at Chicago Jesus's inauguration that people were invited to throw shoes at? Lots of class & respect shown there. The left has never stopped throwing the shoes & yet they demand respect? Not from this Right-Winger.
And the lunatic, racist Truthers are any more noble & sane? Chief among them 'Bammy's "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones? Once it became known Chicago Jesus had a self-professed Communist in his misadministration, 'Bammy shuffled him out the back door of the WH like a drunk uncle he didn't want the neighbors to see. NOTHING will ever top the buffoonery we've seen from this SCoaMF (Google it).
And they've spent a LOT of time, money & manpower in N.C. to turn it "blue". Doesn't bode well for Dem. / Progressive policies for N.C. to be going increasingly "red". 2014 could be a bloodbath for the demmies.
Know what's even funnier? You were stupid enough to click on it! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!
Good God! is this goldilocks for real? What type of curriculum spawns this particular strain of ineptitude?
Christians give to others because they choose to. Not because they're forced to.
I was an only son with three sisters. I knew how to clean house, do the dishes, laundry and iron my clothes by the time I was Twelve. I've always been a Conservative. In college, guess who made lots of money ironing for al the libbies on the hall.
Understandable since both apparently think with their vajayjays.
She should have ended with the Hillary Line, " Iiiiiiii doooooon't feeeeeeel nooooo waaaaays tiiiiiiiiired......Iiiiiiiiiiv'e cuuuuuuum tooooooo faaaaaar....." The brutha's just lap it up!
"The black minister also placed blame on white pastors." - Jeremiah Wright would be so proud.
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