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Even CNN couldn't white-wash the trail of bodies & dirty money out of her biography. Anything other than the truth about this witch would be a fairy-tale & the even the dumbed-down masses would smell it a mile away.
Boy! Nothing like cueing one up for the ole' wifey there Bill. Most passive information consumers will consider this discussion as substantive and "reasonable" in nature. The rest of us know that the "war on white males" is on the horizon.
The very same 26 year olds the Dems. are counting on to PURCHASE health insurance to make ChicagoJesusdon'tcare "affordable". Just keep repeating - "This was a plan conceived & rammed through by Democrats."
Boy! It's getting deep in here!
If you start taking a lot of flack, it means you're right over the target. Cruz needs to keep on keep'in on!
Just because you're "moving forward" doesnt mean you're going to a better place. http://www.motivationals.org/demotivational-posters/demotivational-poster-18849.jpg
I remember video of Dean addressing the PES (European Socialist Party) asking them to join with American Progressives in a "Global New Deal". This man, his party & his ideology represent a clear threat to our country and a lethal stupidity that must be cut from the national psyche before they doom us all. I hope & pray it's not already too late.
The only thing "overwhelming" about the last election is the amount of fraud committed by the Dems. particularly in the more "urban" districts controlled by the Dem. machine. The voters had a choice between Obama & Obama"lite" & the results were predictable. Give them the choice between Evil (Obama) and Good (True Conservatism) & the resulting "landslide" will also be predictable. Just not the one you desire.
Anyone here remember the giant inflatable George Bush figure at Chicago Jesus's inauguration that people were invited to throw shoes at? Lots of class & respect shown there. The left has never stopped throwing the shoes & yet they demand respect? Not from this Right-Winger.
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