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How is our money worthless? It's a fiat currency and it worth what we say it is. And so far no one has argued against us. As they taught me in Harvard, in economics, everything is relative. Where are other counties going to invest their money? We have the best developed economy in the history of our planet and countries practically pay us to take their money. For the time being, we're in no danger of turning our currency into worthless paper.
To back it up? Do you think any of our money had been backed up by metal since the 1900's? Do you know what money is? Do you think our penny has $.01 worth of copper or our nickel has $.05 worth of nickel in it?
why would they need a trillion dollars of platinum?
No one ever said the $1T coin would go into circulation
No, I'm rich.
Which part of our budget is the problem?
LOL, those Einsteins think a penny is made of exactly $.01 of copper and nickel is made of $.05 of nickel.
we've only needed it 2x and only tried it once.
how do your claims compare with facts? First Reagan turned the country from the largest loaning nation into the largest borrowing nation in less than 7 years. Bush continued to explode the debt. Clinton saved the debt and by the end of his 2nd term, had us on a balanced budget and able to pay off our debt by 2010. Bush came in and trashed the Clinton surplus and through Iraq, Afghanistan, and Medicare Prescription B spending while cutting taxes obliterated our budget. Then he wrecked economy and passed a pile of dodo to Obama and since then you've been blaming him. So who's the big spender?
We do have a spending problem. It's called Afghanistan, Iraq, and Medicare Perscription D. Obama ended Iraq, is ending Afghanistan, and will use Obamacare and tax revenues to pay for Medicare. the simple fact is that baby boomers are getting older, meaning more and more people are going to go onto Medicare as they get older, plus the fact that Healthcare is getting more expensive, so of course spending is going to go up. But Obama didn't enact Medicare, or Medicare Prescription B, Lyndon B Jonson and George Bush did. So how's that Obama's fault?
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