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Is this Man a Traitor or a Hero?

scJazz Wrote: Jun 15, 2013 6:05 PM
HERO! Nuff said... warmongering Bush/McCain followers please move along. Your time in control is OVER!
No frickin way! 0.5% decrease in spending growth isn't even a blip on the Radar!
You know I'm just totally sick of Americans and the rest of the world insisting that the USA take action. If they don't like it let them do something about it!
OK my bad you are entirely correct, and while posting I was searching for the right word. Armistice is correct.
Afghanistan had no ability to threaten the USA directly but was harboring those who would use terror and strike at civilians. Iraq's only threat was a botched detected and destroyed assassination attempt at a former President (unfortunately, the current prez father). Here we have a nuclear armed bunch of total psychopaths lead by a delusional 30 yr old toddler. Afghanistan was totally understandable, Iraq was a total lie, NKorea... credible threat worth just blowing away right now! Just frag them and stare down China. What is your problem China? They declared a truce invalid and threatened us with Nukes!
Agree... Katie is just Rove's water-girl for the most part... You do have a point about Pavlich. She is the blogger version of Rachel Maddow when it comes to getting a story correct along with using the proper hyperlinks.
Fake Quote from Cypriot Government: "It is OK everyone! No one panic! All this money came from the Russians! We are just going to confiscate their money!" Fake Quote from American Fed: "You know seizing all of China's money seems like a great plan to fix our Debt!"
Uhhh yeah that is sorta the point
Well then... blast this useless article into oblivion. Yeah... Drones, Prez Findings, Regs, Overspending... have both occue\rred under Barack and Bush II! Dumbarse I leads to Dumbarse II with opposite poles and Rove wants this battle continued!
You could actually answer without wasting bandwith.
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