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Did Obama Benefit from Competent GOP Governors' Policies on Election Day?

ScienceSquid Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 12:24 AM
I've been saying for six months that Romney should have been stressing the fact that the best recovering states had Republican Governors, and the basket cases (like CA, IL) have Dem Governors. Certainly, NJ improved in many ways as well with Christie. MI picked a Repub governor in 2010, after years of horrible failure. Terrible tactical mistake by Romney to ignore this point.

Here's something I've been trying to figure out since Obama's re-election on Tuesday, and which I included in my column in Townhall Magazine's December issue (so consider this a sneak peek!): Everyone kept saying the economy was the main issue; and the exit polls agreed. How did residents of swing states feel comfortable enough economically to think four more years of the same would help?

Of the “toss up” states in this election, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada and Florida all elected GOP governors post-2008, and several have GOP senators. In fact, only two toss-up states in 2012 had...