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that experience will give a whole new meaning to 'hard drive'
The idiocy continues - as if the people buying stuff off the card are the only problem, or even close to the main problem. EBT cards, etc, etc. are just another coin to trade in whatever. Here's an idea: cancel all the cards, lower taxes and tax write-offs and have people get food from real charities. Return a little shame to the process, instead of celebrating it and you might actually help people.
No, no, no! You have the wrong meme there, friend. We're supposed to celebrate all forms of sexual activity as liberating us from an oppressive patriarchal past. Slaughtering babies in the womb fits in well with patriarchal overthrow too. Here's the rub: what to do when that patriarchal shield is no longer present and someone is shouting Allahu akbar and waving a machete to stop your 'perversions.'
After all, we paid for 'em; shouldn't we get to see 'em too?
"there's no valid reason for NSA employees to be sharing nude photos amongst themselves."
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Who'll Build the Roads?

ScienceSquid Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 6:09 AM
Who is John Galt?
Heading for a valley in Colorado I see. Say 'Hi' to John and Francisco.
This is one of the best columns I've ever read on TownHall. But Schlichter needs to address his own concern: "We worry that the Wonk Cons have accepted the underlying premise of liberalism." Even If the Wonk Cons are better masters, they are still masters if they believe government should be running everything, and they aren't constitutional conservatives.
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Tea Party: Learn From Al Gore

ScienceSquid Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 7:49 AM
the 'cheaters' won't be brought to justice. Explain exactly how they will be. You are living some absurd fantasy. I want the more conservative guy, but this is lunacy. The Senate has at least 60 members to the left of Cochran. Win the battles you can win and live to fight another day.
"I don't agree that they are making films that are mostly conservative." You are correct. But still the argument is that the conservative-themed movies do better. I think that's generally correct. But your point is well-take. The method hollywood has used is to present what previously was known as perversion, as wonderful. Even if you agree with alternative lifestyles, if you're honest you'd admit that hollowed sells them as generally harmless and often as 'elevated.' It can be more subtle. Take for example 'Philadelphia' - the Tom Hanks movie about a homosexual lawyer with AIDS suing his firm for discrimination. Other than his homosexuality, Hanks and his family were otherwise complete normal and loving. I'm certain that situation exists, but in the real world, such relationships are often difficult with various problems that hollywood doesn't acknowledge in mainstream films. It certainly presented a biased (rosy) view of the issue (except the illness itself) even if there was discrimination going on. As such, the theme of the movie - standing up for individual rights against people discriminating not on ability, but on personal issues, is essentially a conservative value, and people responded to that. It's likely that an overall more positive view of homosexuals (especially since Hanks was the lead character) got carried along.
" But here's a column discussing how conservative their product often is." The column makes the argument that the most successful hollywood stories center around more conservative values. Hollywood makes tons of horrific stuff, but many people don't watch/don't like it. From what I can tell, conservatives bemoan liberal values infiltrating everything, including moves with generally conservative themes.
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