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These days, it's somewhat likely that if you bring a child into the world, s/he will suffer from depression, anxiety, and various illnesses, some possibly deadly. Moreover, s/he could suffer from being a pretentious, amoral blow hard. The Solution? Abort and try again (and abort).
"Obama thinks the enemies are at some golf course " He's like O.J. Simpson out there!
"Leading as a behind, affords you alot more down time." FIFY
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Must We Have a Dead White Kid?

ScienceSquid Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 9:40 AM
no one should 'hunt' anyone. Protect yourself of course, but start trying to help people and change people's minds. It's a huge uphill battle, fighting entitlementia and the desire to be treated as victims, but it can be overcome, and the pay off is a person who can be happy and proud, no matter what their station in life.
"They are not waiting out the Presidents term, they are waiting out his promised withdrawal of troops." Yes. And in some cases, they're not waiting even for that - our recently departed general could attest to it were he still alive.
"In some cases we know what churches thought of Ann’s argument because they overtly discussed it. In other cases we know they rejected it because they acted in opposition to it. " I am unaware of any mainline Christian theology that says people should do missionary work for self-glorification. (Ann was not talking about works righteousness)
You sound like a generous guy. That's nice. There are many Christians and non-Christians who are nice and generous. And you may be right - it may do more good to travel overseas and give medical care there. But that doesn't necessarily mean it will help the Lost, that is, those without Christ. Ann's argument is different than what you are arguing. She is arguing that 1) you may be able to reach more people with the Good News of God's incarnation and Christ and Christ redemption by reaching out to the many unchurched here in the USA. 2) She argues that by reaching influential people here, you may actually do more material good across the board - by the effect influential Christians may have on others. Finally, even though she is critiquing the negative monetary effect of this doctor's trip, she is not knocking missionary work, so much as missionary work done for self-gorification. To the extent that such motives can be discern (and cautioning against too quick a judgment), I believe this is a valid concern and admonishment for many a Christian.
Ann's main critique is that many a foreign missionary is working for self-glorification. She gave some obvious examples of where someone with common sense can give a pretty good estimation whether God is calling someone to do something or not. The second point is whether the 2 million could have been better spent. No one really knows, but reasonable people can guess that it could have been. Put the two together - IF (and If I recall she didn't specifically say she knew) the Doctor was acting out of self glorification and blew 2 million, a reasonable Christian could say "Hey, perhaps there's a better way to carry out the great commission." Of course you can argue the point, but Coulter made a pretty strong case for wasted effort. And there is no question that the media glorifies certain missionary effort types and many of us engage in (especially overseas) missionary efforts for self-glorification, whether we're able to admit it to ourselves or not.
Calling him selfish is a straw man. The US government should be interested first in the USA, no? And the point was that there may have been better strategies upfront to battle this that would be self serving and Africa serving at the same time.
How do you know you've sincerely repented?
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