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Lots of Republicans are Big Government liberals.
and who destroyed the college market with 33% subsidies? Who said you had to go to college on your minimum wage job? You have to make a choice whether to invest (take out loans) or do something else. There are a lot of people in college who don't belong there and would be better off learning a (mostly lucrative) trade. Further, we could reduce the requirement for college if we went back to the old model of job training, but that would require liberals to stop suing businesses over 'disparate impact' when 'minorities' can't pass muster. If only liberals would live by their stated beliefs, we'd all be better off: be not judged by the color of your skin, but by the content of your character. Live by it.
People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan.* *Liberals plan to fail
'The judge believed that Justice Department attorneys had “committed fraud on the court.”' Judge Allegra should call up the DOJ and have this fraud investigated.
*despised* by Obama....
For Israelis, yes.
It depends on what the conditions for peace are. You can aways have peace. Iran prefers we have the peace of the grave.
People voting in Israel should know that Netanyahu is despaired by Obama and democrats and supported by Republicans. If that gives him an advantage in Israeli elections, so be it.
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Who Will Keep Our Freedoms Safe?

ScienceSquid Wrote: Jan 22, 2015 8:56 AM
The question is how to reverse this? Republicans overwhelmingly voted (and vote) to renew the provisions of the patriot act. Those who didn't either come from liberal california and/or are now out of congress (e.g. Allen West). There is only a small libertarian contingent aligned with Democrats supporting the elimination of the Patriot Act. The key is to eliminate the Partriot Act and replace it with something that contains much more limited and properly constrained powers (limited use of secret courts for issuing warrants) and all surveillance warrants must be strictly limited in time and scope. Even so, I do not trust the feds, even with "Republican" oversight to properly constrain such powers behind closed doors, so they need to be constrained by law. How likely is reform?
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A SOTU Over Before Its Begun

ScienceSquid Wrote: Jan 20, 2015 9:42 AM
It seems Hugh still doesn't understand Obama. Obama doesn't care about political norms. He is going to do whatever he wants and dare someone, anyone to stop him. We've seen that no one has the stomach to stop his memos. Who will start now? Didn't town hall report that he's bringing an illegal with him to the SOTU address. Another in-your-face to anyone who cares about the republic and the constitution. Obama's last two years can be summed up: I"m doing whatever I want - whatcha gonna do about it?"
Oh, I was quoting someone else. Those weren't my numbers. And to my point, they don't really matter.
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