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If they can hand out a peace prize to Obama for doing absolutely nothing, it's not much of a stretch to hand out countries to terrorists.
Baghdad Bob would be proud
The attention they give to this is worse than the 'offense' By continuing to draw attention to this kind of stuff, they continue to give power to a tired bigoted trope, that virtually no one cares about, of snickers about, except maybe Bevis and Butthead. Redskins FWIW, I enjoy a slice or two of Watermelon under a shade tree. That is definitely something to aspire to.
"Hi, I just flew in from West Africa, I have a high fever and am bleeding out of my eyes" Obamacare: "Take these ibuprofen for your fever and here's some Visine for your eyes."
Obama: Udall, Uhaul my clubs for me!
"He's a 1%er!" and a liar to boot!
"So what's wrong with sexy?" - Nigel Tufnel
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Obama's Mixed Messages on War

ScienceSquid Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 11:44 PM
I always wanted to see Coruscant get bombed. Next, go get the Ewoks.
seems like focusing on incompetence to protect borders from dieseae isn't really a distraction from incompetence to protect the border from disease carrying immigrants or the myriad other incompetencies (unless they are not due to incompetence but are totally deliberate)
Exactly. Too many people think Obama is failing and incompetent. He has told us what he wanted to do - weaken the US both economically and militarily. Reduce our presence and influence in the world. Redistribute wealth at home. Mission Accomplished.
People keep trying to figure our Obama, but all they have to do is read what he writes and listen to what he says. He doesn't like the US the way it is configured. He rinks it's better for the world (his primary concern) if the US has less influence and is weaker. He has been deeply steeped in Leftism: The US has been a force for evil - and imperialist nation that uses more natural resources than it's due, pollutes the atmosphere, and subjugates the weak in the interest of profit and excess, accumulating natural wealth (wealth is not created in Obama's world, but 'distributed'). Everything he has done has been to alter that trajectory. A weaker, poorer, entitlement state that leads from behind (which is to say, doesn't lead) is EXACTLY what Obama wanted. The fifth model - Obamanian.
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