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"Bundy was clearly referencing American slavery and so am I." fair enough
The Entitlement culture hurts everyone caught in it's grasp; it is colorblind.
All races sold, were, and are today, slaves. Slavery knows no cultural or racial barriers. White ownership of black slaves is far more familiar to us because that's the history we know and are taught, almost exclusively.
"In one post I said white people raped and sold people and split up families. I didn't say all white people, I said white people. Because it was white people. If this offends you, stop being so touchy. " Typically the first people to sell black Africans were other black Africans
Heather wrote: "It’s about time we all grew up Mr. Quinn." This isn't an issue of immaturity, Ms. Ginsberg. These are evil people willing to engage in any calumny to achieve their goal. Eventually, these are the guys who will be measuring our brain cases with calipers to determine whether we live or die.
Abortion is kinda coercive towards the developing human in uetero. Someone needs to stand up for the rights of the most helpless. It should be conservatives, formerly the GOP.
Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness are rights protected by government. Nothing is more important than protecting life. That some argue about when it begins and whose rights trump whose and when, is the issue to debate and decide. But to argue that it is not the government's business is absurd.
They were smoking pot and playing guitar riffs
No one is stopping you. No law against it really. I don't agree with your decision, but I would suggest you watch out for the claws. And Tender Vittles breath.
Chris Christopherson gives me the creeps
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