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That was pretty cool. Thanks, Canada! O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. God keep our land glorious and free!
This illustrates the effective Obama strategy - just violate everything. If they're not intimidated into silence, the few people in the media who care just can't keep up. And it establishes a new norm where people throw up their hands and say things like "Just another day in Obamaville" or "It's the Chicago Way." And then tomorrow will be revealed a new scandal, a new violation. Ho, hum, there goes the republic.
"Is "Media Matters" a tax-exempt organization, and if so should that status be terminated?" John Koskinen will get right on that
Leftmedia is really no different than Tass; The NYT=Pravda. It really is quire terrible for the republic to have Party control of media, education, and entertainment.
"Tell me why such Orwellian canards don't disturb rank-and-file Democrats or people in the liberal media who purport to respect the Constitution." Can you name any such Democrats/liberal media who respect the constitution?
If you read the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The Nazis were sticklers for making sure everything was perfectly legal.
Should have called the police instead. Those citizens have rights. I bet they had their hands raised in surrender too. #neverforgetferguson
Nice quote by Churchill. We in America will have to keep alive the quotes and history of England, because for all practical purposes, it will be gone in another 50 years.
This is just churchplace violence, not terrorism
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