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If this stuff continues, at some point there will be no alternative but to toss out all the bureaucrats and start from scratch.
I wonder if they use the same machines that spit out global warming models, which are all wrong and yet surprisingly are wrong all in the higher temp direction (the Party of 'Science' strikes again!)
get those machines calibrated, otherwise Walker could win
If only the unemployment had not dropped but, instead , was up to,say 12%. Actually, it is much higher than 12%, if you look at it properly.
many GOPers are big government liberals, yes
That's not al that surprising; Dems know they have to hide their true intentions when running for office. If they tell the truth, no one would ever vote for them. Still, the point for most Dems is not that they want these things, but that their policies promote them and they benefit from them politically. Still, I didn't hear the show. Prager could cite Steinham and all her descendants who told us marriage was just a piece of paper and was institutionalized slavery of women; Or he could have brought out all the dems who support single motherhood, which accelerated at the time of the 'Murphy Brown' controversy in the early nineties.
Your insane viewpoint wold have a shred of support, were the Republican party to support ISIS terrorism, like the Democrats promote and support societal dysfunction. Nevertheless, Republicans oppose terrorism and ISIS, and that is what Prager and Gallagher are responding to. You could make the argument that Republicans are over estimating ISIS and overstating the potential threat, but considering ISIS may redraw the middle east political map, adding another radical regime that dominates oil rich regions, I think not. It's ironical of course that the actions of Democrats (Obama and his Adm.) have done everything they can to weaken the US internationally and help bring about an environment ripe for ISIS. Much like Carter lost Iran to radicals, Obama is losing Iraq, parts/all of Syria, Libya, Turkey, etc. etc. to radicalized Islamists, and you can see that it is clearly intentional. A little hyperbole from the Republicans in response really isn't much of a counter to the intentional support of terrible ideas and policies by the Democratic Left.
"What is so bad about this policy again?" Well, Conn, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt - perhaps your just a deluded, incompetent ignorant moron and not a fascist. Would you like to follow this law to it's logical conclusion? Doesn't this law argue that government should have consent laws for all human interactions? Otherwise, how can we be sure people are truly consenting to what they are choosing? I personally like the idea of having a government assigned lawyer for every American to help all of us navigate our days, with full legal counsel and informed consent, as designated necessary by our dear leaders. But I like this because I am at heart a totalitarian fascist who enjoys making sure all the behaviors of all my fellow americans are completely monitored and have the legality of signed assent forms. Excuse me now, I have to head out for mid-morning mandatory calisthenics before heading off to the People's work center to get my job assignment for the day.
Race, class, gender. Wash, rinse, repeat
"On the plus side, Pryor was at his best defending his vote on the farm bill, hammering Cotton for voting to shutdown the government, and emphasizing his ties to the state. He came across as an unassuming, hard working public servant who wants to do what’s best for his constituents. He seemed earnest." Why don't you just sleep with him. Let us all off the hook.
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