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Leftists: If they don't lie about themselves and the opposition, they can't win.
"my bride says she needs to start dressing like a pro and not a rodeo queen." LOL
D'ya think even one reporter realizes that evolution, properly understood is actually a metaphysical stance of materialism (in other words a faith-based proposition), or that at the very least that it is a package deal modern 'science' forces on students when teaching what is essentially comparative anatomy and geology.
B. Williams is too busy watching his daughter's anilingus
James Risen and other Journalists: As ye sow, so shall ye reap
I've had enough of these big government liberals.
"we expect truth from reporters." I don't
Cruz is a firebrand. Walker is the quiet, steady guy who doesn't yell and scream, but keeps plugging away. You need both.
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