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Also, the fact that 99% are happy strongly suggest there is no happiness bias due to being 'spared' by loving parents.
You still have it wrong on two levels: First, your post was misleading, suggesting it was the parents who were polled. Second, you are incorrect about the surviving children. Although it's possible that the fact that they were spared leads to their happiness, that has not been proven - the poll wasn't broken down between those who were spared by loving parents versus those who were born 'accidentally' to terrible parents, etc., etc. So, without more information, the spared Down's syndrome kids likely represent a sample of all Down's kids, including those aborted.
Even if the child had been Earwig van Downbytheriver, it should't have been aborted.
Did you read Hawking's latest book? It's obvious that he is suffering terribly.
"How does one become an "Ethologist"? " You get a certificate in the mail from Peter Singer
You read it wrong: 99% WITH THE CONDITION - that is, those who HAVE downs syndrome, not 99% of those choosing to keep their Down's syndrome babies, report being happy.
These days, it's somewhat likely that if you bring a child into the world, s/he will suffer from depression, anxiety, and various illnesses, some possibly deadly. Moreover, s/he could suffer from being a pretentious, amoral blow hard. The Solution? Abort and try again (and abort).
"Obama thinks the enemies are at some golf course " He's like O.J. Simpson out there!
"Leading as a behind, affords you alot more down time." FIFY
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