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What This Election Means

Science Avenger Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 3:40 PM
Um, I know it makes you feel better to pretend otherwise, but if you look at the exit polls, Obama won a majority of those with undergraduate degrees or better. And it isn't superior IQs that are still denying evolution, and they aren't mostly Democrats. Denying the reality of why you lost pretty much guarantees a repeat performance.

There is no point in spinning -- conservatives need to face honestly what this election means.

A first take: Gov. Mitt Romney tried to win while leaning on only one leg of the old Reagan coalition: jobs, jobs, jobs, economy, economy, economy. Against a president with a poor record on the economy, he lost.

The Mitch Daniels "truce" strategy on social issues is a clear loser in this election. The Reagan coalition, which honestly may not be the pathway to victory moving forward, had three legs: values issues, national defense and economic growth.

Romney adopted the most ineffectual strategy vis-a-vis the social issues: adopt...