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[yawn] More blithering idiocy from a nonscientist. Practically every assertion in this article is wrong, but then you'd have to do something radical like go read actual science from actual scientists to know it. If you like getting your science from political hacks, well, I've got ocean-front property in Arizona to sell you, because hey, a country music singer said so.
"There’s a new battleground in the war on Christmas" I'm still waiting for the first one. Of all the phony issues conservatives cry wolf about, this has got to be the dumbest. America is Christmas crazy; we are now starting to see decorations in stores before Halloween. The notion that there is a war on Christmas in this country is beyond delusional.
"Jay, nothing could be more racist than assuming a group of Americans are inherently incapable of procuring ID," Yeah, say something completely moronic, that'll show him. "Racism" - learn what it actually means.
"Voter fraud, by its very nature, is a crime that--if done successfully--goes undetected." How convenient for you to explain away your lack of evidence with "it's impossible". Except it isn't.
Riiiight, it can't possibly be because despite all your blather there's been zero evidence of the massive voter fraud that has all your tights in a tizzy.
Uh, no, not eve close. Think man, think!
" Deciding that there are few things in this world as important as clinging to Al Gore’s cause célèbre" Nothing destroys your credibility on the topic of global warming faster than mentioning Al Gore, as if somehow he magically caused 97+% of the world's climate scientists to draw the conclusion that AGW is indeed real. Earth to the echo chamber - global warming would be an issue whether Al Gore ever existed or not. Wake up.
You do know that that only group that talks about Alinsky these days is Republicans right? It's a boogie man of your own creation that has no bearing on the real world outside your little echo chambers of ignorance and paranoia.
"The Democratic Party is systematically destroying America..." And with that we can dismiss this article as yet another written in LaLa land.
"What’s even worse is that self-declared 'conservatives' don’t just accuse those to their left of being the real 'racists.'” You can't expect to be taken seriously when you support this idiotic notion that accusing someone of being racist makes you the real racist. You might as well say accusing someone of being a thief makes you a thief. It's too stupid for words. Until those on the right grow up and realize that the issue of racism is far FAR bigger than calling someone a n*gg*r, you'll be like the kid watching a chess game wondering why a player doesn't just jump the pieces. And what's with the constant scare quotes? For someone complaining about the left's language, you sure have a hard time using it honestly yourself. Tend to the log in your eye...
"Of course those on the Left continue to refuse to hear the arguments from the other side, and would rather stick fingers in their ears screaming “na, na, na, na, na…I can’t hear you, settled science, settled science” than continue to engage in a debate that is increasingly clear they aren't winning." Tell that to the 54% of Americans, and growing, that accept the science. It's not the Leftists with their fingers in their ears going "la la la". It's you.
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