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This progressive would only laugh at your macho innumeracy and suggest you get some viagra for your little problem.
Just another illustration that the only progressives the author knows are those that float around in his head. The real world is just too darned complicated for his black-and-white view of the world.
Well what do you expect from people who get all their "news" from a channel whose head (Roger Aisles) insists that women wear skirts and have tables you can see through? The blonde hair is all they care about.
"When they're tired and scared about the future, when they're poor and overworked and overwhelmed, when they forget the civic right and wrong of things. Then something disastrous happens. They lose the capacity for outrage. " You left out "when they've been lied to and manipulated to get all hysterical over BS", which is certainly the case here. You guys have done for "scandal" what Jesse Jackson did for "racism", spewing it out over and over again at anything and everything until many people are deaf to it and sick of it. Obama bowed. SCANDAL! Obama put his feet on the desk. SCANDAL! Obama did things every president before him did. SCANDAL! Enough already, go back to your sheep and stop crying wolf.
Speaking of pretending to work...All this article demonstrates is Ransom's ignorance of science, scientists, grants, and plastic, and the willingness of his likeminded(sic) readers to cheer on anything that promotes their paranoid ignorant view of the world.
Such a substantive rebuttal. I'm crushed.
"How do you feel about a baseball game that goes scoreless for 8 innings" - It's almost as boring as soccer. "And as far as physically demeaning goes? Soccer just might be tops. Running for 90 minutes - are you kidding?" But they don't run for 90 minutes. They stand around much of the time, jog a lot, and sprint occasionally. And if its so physically demanding, then why are they able to play 2-3 games a week?
Belive it or not there are plenty of us who understand soccer thoroughly. I'm a sports nut, I've made an effort to watch and understand nearly every major sport in the world, and soccer remains a mind-numbing bore. How anyone raised in a country that plays both soccer and rugby could prefer soccer is beyond me. And don't kid yourself: soccer isn't the most popular sport in the world because of it's merits or physical demands. It's the most popular because its the cheapest, and what most kids in the world grow up with. There's a stark inverse correlation in the world between the popularity of soccer and the wealth of the nation. Rich ones have better options and take them. Your stats on activity are misleading. The 11 minute figure for footbal is the time between snap and whistle. If you think that's the only time there is activity, well, your ignorance of the game dwarfs that of your average American on soccer. As for how much soccer players run, jog, or walk would be more like it. The vast majority of the time they aren't any more active than baseball players. And don't get me wrong, soccer COULD be a great sport - shorten the field, make the goalie box smaller, get rid of that obnoxious offside penalty (for the uninitiated, this is when the ref blows the whistle just when it looks like something exciting is about to happen), eject players who fake getting hit and roll around and cry like little girls, and get your average score like hockey's. I don't what the sport is, if a huge chunk of your scores are 1-0 or 0-0, revisions are in order. 0-0 isn't a game, it's jogging with a ball.
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No Denying Climate Change Deniers

Science Avenger Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 2:56 PM
More scientific ignorance from the king of it: "there has been no significant warming for 17 years..." Cherry picked anecdotes are not data. And one crank's blog is not a scientific refutation. Repeat until it sinks in.
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Is There a Climate Bubble?

Science Avenger Wrote: Jun 25, 2014 11:55 AM
Just more dishonest anti-scientific blather, best kept in the time capsule for a good laugh a few decades from now, that is if we can get these bufoons to quit worrying about the arrangement of the deck chairs of the economy while the Titanic of the earth sinks. A simple check of the history of such conflicts exposes the chicken-littles are not the scientists, but the free-market worshippers who always predict economic collapse when dealing with such problems, and who have always been wrong.
[yawn] You people have done with the term "scandal" what Al sharpton has done with "racism". This supposed scandal was debunked long ago just like so many other supposed scandals you've carped on about to yourselves. When you cry wolf this often, you can't be surprised when people not living in your echo chamber stop listening to you.
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