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History says otherwise? About people in this country rounding up Christians into slave labor camps and murdering them? And you wonder why no one bothers to go through your stupid arguments point by point. I'd sooner try to have a conversation a bum yammering to thin air.
"...the Republican spectrum ... ranges from passionate people who say stupid things to stoic people who have a strong command of facts at their fingertips but can’t articulate the message. There are few people –a very few – in the middle." Ah, but there are frighteningly many Republicans in a group you don't mention: Stupid people who say stupid things because they are...wait for it...stupid. I'll name names: Michelle Bachmann, Louis Gohmert, James Inhofe, Steve King, the list goes on. Every time these people open their mouths they reinforce the stereotype of the stupid Republican, which Bobby Jindahl rightly identifies as a big part of the problem. Where are the Alan Simpsons, Jack Kemps, and yes, Ronald Reagans of the new GOP? There is no repackaging morons, you need to replace them.
A willingness to wager on something based on nothing says way more about how you value your money than how valid your view is.
It's amusing that alone among groups in the world atheists earn the "militant" title merely by criticizing others' views or threatening lawsuits when they think a law has been broken. Everyone else has to shoot people and destroy stuff to be militant.
Uh, no, it isn't, and it shouldn't be hard to understand why. Christians use math, atheists use math. You use history, we use history. You have instincts, we have instincts. There is nothing an atheist relies on when making decisions that Christians never rely on. But Christians DO sometimes wonder what the gods they believe in desire, and incorporate that into their decision-making, as they should. But atheists don't do this, that's sorta what makes us atheists. You think there is a god and we don't, and that's fine, we can have that debate as reasonable people have for eons. But claiming atheism is a religion isn't reasonable, it's just a childish semantic game that deters from honest discussion.
"The majority, or the propensity of couples get married to create a stable household to raise children. " Total made-up baloney. The majority of people, at least here in america, get married because they love each other. And you do understand that our genetic science has progressed to the point where very soon homosexuals WILL be able to produce children that are genetically related to both parents? But why let reality get in the way of a good idealistic outdated rant, amirite?
Do YOU get that there isn't a lick of difference that makes a difference? All the supposed horrors exist only in your heads. The reality is benign to the point of being downright boring. I have a homosexual couple that lives a few doors down from me. They are indistinguishable from everyone else in the neighborhood in every way that matters.
"Sorry, but LEGAL marriage has until recently only codified what Nature and anyone willing to observe it has made. " If you actually observed nature, instead of pretending you did, you'd find that it is chock full of homosexuality, and damned sparse on lifetime heterosexual commitments, especially among apes like us. If we modeled our sexual mores after our closest relatives, the chimps, the norm would be group sex that sometimes includes incest.
Yeah, and leave all those kids in orphanages who desperately want a family of their own, screw em! They only get to live in the kinds of families that *I* personally approve of! Who's with me!
"out of the mouths of babes"...comes ignorance generally, and usually an opportunity to teach, and comfort, if you care about such things. If my child said something like that, I'd have responded with "yes, and if we were all male, we would go extinct too, or if we all decided not to have children like the Browns down the street, or if we all decided to be computer programmers like grand dad, there would be no one to grow our food and we'd all die. You see, pretty much anything turns out bad if we all do it. That's why it's good that we have many different kinds of people in the world doing many different things and living in different ways." Sure beats leaving him to suffer in ignorance.
Indeed, the logic is so bad, comically so, that it shows just how partisan some people are that they will buy any argument, no matter how bad, if they think it supports their political position. One could substitute "infertile heterosexual couple" in the place of "same sex couple" and the article would read the same. If Jeffrey objects to surrogate mothers, he ought to just write an article on that. I might even agree with him. But to suggest allowing homosexuals to marry is going to strip children away from their loving parents is ignorant paranoia of the highest order.
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