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If you think sexuality is deterined by behavior, the absurdity is yours.
"...'bans' on gay marriage do not discriminate. Think about it. Can a straight man do something that a gay man cannot? No. It is fundamentally different from interracial marriage bans where whites were allowed to marry people that blacks could not." But the same exact [stupid] argument was made in the interracial case: that such laws did not discriminate because everyone was equally free to marry a member of their own race. Such arguments are blinkered to an almost childish degree, stripping away the relevant context, which is that anti-gay marriage laws allow heterosexuals to marry who they want, but not homosexuals, in the same way bans on interracial marriages allowed those who only wished to marry within their race to marry who they wished, but not those who did not so limit themselves.
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Living in Obama World

Science Avenger Wrote: Feb 12, 2015 2:58 PM
"According to his boasts, which the mainstream media rarely challenge, the economy has rebounded from the Great Recession" It has. "...and federal budget deficits have been sliced in half under his watch." It has. "Never mind that the "official" unemployment rate of 5.7 percent is a statistical fraud because it doesn't count the millions who've dropped out of the job market." [yawn] You think this is new or news? The unemployment rate has always been calculated this way. It's no more a fraud than it was under any other president. "Never mind that the federal government still spends $486 billion more every year than it takes in and future deficits are projected to be a trillion bucks a year." True enough, which again is about half the mess Obama was left with,and which is par for the course for Republican presidents as well. Contrary to all the empty rhetoric, Republican presidents have consistently ballooned the deficit more than the Democratic ones have. "And never mind that ObamaCare is a fiscal time bomb that's already driven up the cost of health insurance for millions of individuals and small business owners." [yawn] So you Chicken Littles keep saying, and yet it never seems to happen. Talk about living in your own world. Pot, meet kettle.
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Bobby Jindal for President?

Science Avenger Wrote: Feb 12, 2015 11:32 AM
Ah yes, the guy who wants the GOP to stop being the stupid party (denying evolution and climate change, pretending the Iraq war was well chosen, pretending race and gender don't matter anymore, etc.)...while propagating that stupidity himself, with a dollop of exorcism sympathies as the cherry on top. Pass..
Ignorance is a choice, and boy are Mark and The Birdman making a lot of choices.
Check your own sociopathy. And the global warming evidence keeps rolling in...for anyone who actually looks at the science.
"Is the Left right about the other stereotypes it puts out there about conservatives like me?" You mean like the fact that you don't do research on your subject matter, but instead just make up whatever pops into your head? Yeah, pretty much. "Additionally, as someone who has read over 2,000 books in his life..." Ann Coulter's latest fictional rantings don't count. “'You conservatives don’t believe in science' translates to 'You’re looking at the science and coming to conclusions that I don’t agree with politically!'” No, it translates to "you're ignoring what actual scientists say in favor of what political hacks claim scientists have to say", mostly because you're apparently too lazy to actually look at the science.
Dirp, how brilliant of you. And a sheep in the country of wolves has the same right to eat meat as the wolves do. Get a clue indeed.
Funny, because once one strips away the arguments against gay marriage that are factually incorrect or logically incoherent, all you have left is your feelings that homosex is icky and shouldn't be allowed. Check the beam in your own eye...
You are gibbering like a drunk on the street corner. Allowing gay people to get married has nothing whatever to do with children being with their parents, or the fertility of men and women.
"gays qualify as disturbed" Not according to the best science we have on the subject. But why bother with the evidence and opinions of the most learned among us when we can go with off-the-cuff theorizing right?
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