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In 2016, GOP Needs a Candidate Voters Believe In

Sceolan Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 12:42 PM
I keep hearing this buzz that somehow the GOP is wrong because they loss the election. What bullcrap. Lets see, they loss by 3 million votes out of 313 million people in the USofA. And this is a mandate for Obama? It just tells me that there were more out there that viewed Romney as a threat to their entitlements whether they were a consumer or a provider. What the GOP does need to get over is their propensity to be stuck on who is a true Christian and who isn't and their psychotic need to vote in a head of "Church" versus a head of "State".
sashamanda Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 1:05 PM
Not every one of the 313 million is eligible to vote. Even so, Romney got 1 million fewer votes than McCain although 10 million more voters have come of age since 2008. Moreover, Obama lost 7 million voters. People who were fed up with Obama stayed home rather than cast their vote for Romney, who had one of the highest unfavorable ratings for a presidential candidate ever. He earned his unfavorables in part by running one of the filthiest primaries in modern times --- one that even a fawning, corrupt "conservative" media could not overcome. Add to that Romney's all-too-easy-to-check lies and the questionable wisdom of running a crony capitalist during one horrid recession/depression, and it is amazing that Romney did as well as he did.
Drifter Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 2:27 PM
The sources I read say that there were 3 million registered Republicans who stayed home...
pastorial Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 2:43 PM
D, so why did they stay home?

In the wake of Mitt Romney's loss, many Republicans say the GOP must make far-reaching changes to be competitive in future elections. White voters are a smaller and smaller part of the electorate, they point out, while Latinos and other minorities are growing as a percentage of the voting public. Unless the Republican Party reinvents itself to appeal to those voters, the argument goes, the GOP can get used to being out of power.

There's something to that. The electorate is changing, and the Republican Party needs to keep up with the times. But the more fundamental answer to the...