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Did anybody else notice the condescending contemptuous look Obama gave O'Reilly almost from the get-go and the seething smouldering anger that his eyes radiated? This guy doesn't like anybody asking him to answer to ANYTHING. I couldn't believe it when he actually blamed O'Reilly and FOX for the negativity associated with his Administrative actions on live TV in front of a global audience. Folks, we have a fourteen year old running the office of the Presidency.
If I could give you a plus TEN, I would........ THX
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The Super Bowl's Tragedy

Sceolan Wrote: Jan 31, 2014 6:42 PM
KingKen, we haven't "become", we ARE. And BTW, haven't you read any news about the Catholic Church and their priests in the past couple of years? And lest anybody else thinks I am targeting just "Catholic's", I am not. Mysteriously the media is ignoring ALL the other religions who also have a problem.
FU MSNBC, my family (Conservative) is composed of Gays, Blacks, Mexicans, European Whites's and Indian's, we speak 4 languages and represent 4 religions. And just so you know, NONE of us will watch MSNBC simply because MSNBC projects on to everybody else their own dark anima.
Now come on folks, anybody with a brain and who has visited CAL in the past couple decades must of noticed "things" have changed. Most notably, the last major industry in California is their government breeding program which has also gone national. The least skilled and educated, the most dependent and dysfunctional are paid to breed. It is the easiest, non-regulation enhanced industry known to man and with an unlimited supply now that Mexico is so will to provide participants. Is it any wonder that Obamacare is now enlisting the likes of criminals? Didn't it ever occur to folks that there is nobody else left who isn't sitting on the other side of the government desk?
I am willing to bet that with all the prep Mitt did for the debates, he never once considered that the moderator would behave so outrageously and thus, he was totally blindsided. He is a good guy and way too tolerant. All of us were aghast, I'm not trying to give him an excuse; but frankly Republican's are NOT street fighters like Democrats are.
This truly bothers me. What has become of us?
Heads up Obama, now read this very carefully. 99.9% of the people could care less what anybodies skin tint is. Personally, I prefer a nice beach deep bronze. The kind that covers pimples, scars, liver spots, scratches, stretch marks and so forth. What we do care about is a President who possesses the intellect, character, honesty, loyalty and self responsibility deeper than skin tint. Clue us in when you are no longer floating on the surface.
If one loses their job, they get Unemployment. Get hurt on the job, you get Workers Compensation. If you become disabled you get Social Security Disability this also covers you if you were born disabled. When one retires after working in government or private enterprize you receive Social Security Retirement and/or a private pension and Medicare. If you have no skills, no job, no education and have the ablity to breed and reproduce then the government will give you WELFARE. A transistional program? They have been saying that since the 60's. Wake up people!
Yes, she is correct, we should rename our Welfare program. Appropriately, it should be renamed our "Government Breeding Program". No experience, education, financial resources or skills needed, just anywhere USA will do. Numerous young bucks with perpetual "stiffy's" and cotton brained "Miley Cyrus" females available. Remember job security! keep those babies coming, many government employees and those who cash in on your behavior depend on you.
I would NEVER indicate to anybody that I worked or had worked for MSNBC which in my opinion would be a career death sentence.
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