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Russell Brand who?
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Is Thinking Obsolete?

Sceolan Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 1:41 PM
Demosthenes5, great statement: "Likewise the self-appointed Liberal elites view being generous with other peoples’ income and opportunities by redistributing said income and opportunities to the “more deserving but less qualified”, e.g., minorities, women, etc., as being a moral virtue". And you might add that also hold that THEIR moral virtue is so much superior to anybody elses that they have to make decisions for the whole. And YES, feelings/emotions do drive whatever "intellect" a liberal might possess.
You bet Mexico is in a coordinated effort with Central American countries to dump as many indigent ciitzen's on America's doorstep as possible. America and their politicians are spineless, a perfect scenario for Mexico and these other countries to dump a social/economic problem on us. We are and have been the Department of Social Services for Mexico et al for years. America created a Welfare Industry factory that needs to be fed in order to thrive. It can only thrive if new "widgets" enter the factory. Mexico and Central America are the perfect answer and yep the LIBS will come up with some foggy nauseating BS to justify it and just as nauseating those of us who get it can only whine, whine and whine again, but NOTHING changes.
Obama will be treated like any other "protected class" individual in the employment arena and that is with kid gloves. It is far too expensive, time consuming and legally challenging to take on the spector of an incompetent person who is also under the umbrella of "protected class". The most painless way to address the situation is to wait until they quit, assign them to an area where their impact is negligible or promote them to another area. But, since we are talking about our POTUS, those remedies are not a viable option. The most likely option is for an underground mafia to develop who monitor his activities zealously and jam him at every opportunity when his methods or behavior jeopardize the USA. This nightmare can't be over soon enough.
Yep, I remember those days. The mentally ill flooded community mental health centers and group homes. Part of the justification was alleged "Institutional abuse" memoralized by first person accounts such as "The Shoe Leather Treatment". Initially, promises were made to transfer monies from the State level to these community centers, well you know how that went. I don't know what the percentage is in any one large population center, but dealing with the mentally ill by law enforcement is epidemic. Lastly, I'm of the opinion that mental institutions should be reinstituted ASAP.
That is NOT the picture of children and whoever used it for this story knows it. But, having said that, our government does not care a twit about the "children". It is all about keeping the "Welfare Industry" alive and well. In order to do that, a continuous supply of human fodder needs to be fed to that hungry beast. It is quite laughable to see and hear liberals talk with phoney sympathy for these children. Follow the money folks, it is all about the money and the "Industry".
This is pure BS. Not only can forensic computer analysis confirm that her computer crashed, but specialist can recover those files. By the time, our political pukes in Washington get around to having the hard drive analyzed and a report provided, we will be well into 2020. Why does it take this LONG to even get to this point in uncovering the truth. We are being played by both sides.
Whenever Whoopi opens her mouth, flies come out. Loved her as a comedian, but absolutely detest her leftist views and especially her "racists" BS. Yep, Whoopi was a welfare queen in good ol' California, home of the industry and unfortunately the only industry that CAL has left. A Welfare recipient is like a river of water, they both flow to the area of least resistance until a block is put in their way. After 3 decades working in side agencies that had welfare recipients as the principle population, I can attest that MOST recipients DO NOT want to change their way of life. They are the self described "wounded souls" who believe that society owes them for various infractions. Nevermind that these "infractions" existed 50-100-200 years ago and somehow people then survived and built this nation. Current humans believe they are entitled to collect rent today on the sins of the fathers. They also believe that Obama is their Messiah who will save them from those rabid Republican/Conservative/Libertarians who are hellbent on aghast "making them work" and/or taking their bene's away. God help us, we are at a 50-50 split, what side is gonna win?
Loved your response, sounded very much like my family.
Why does anybody try and defend this argument? How does one defend themselves from the indefensible? I'm not saying the GOP is racist as I'm saying is that the accusation has lost all meaning. It is used in any setting that the accuser has an ulterior motive that is purely self interest, it has nothing to do with reality.
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