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Why does anybody try and defend this argument? How does one defend themselves from the indefensible? I'm not saying the GOP is racist as I'm saying is that the accusation has lost all meaning. It is used in any setting that the accuser has an ulterior motive that is purely self interest, it has nothing to do with reality.
A government agency's unstated purpose is to remain alive, thus they will do ANYTHING short of bending regulations, laws and stats to justify their existence. Unfortunately, a large part of their effectiveness is based upon shuffling papers from one side of the building to the other and we expect something different?
Why surprised? Hasn't anybody ever noticed how the Hollywood bean counters "find" somebody to convert into celebrity status who then becomes the media's obsession? One salient feature of those they find is a touch of narcissism as who else would allow themselves to be whored to the masses? Those talent "researchers" brought us Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, Myley Cyrus et al and guess what else they brought you "The President". The accountants are not dumb, they know when their product isn't bringing in the viewers and thus the bucks. So is it any wonder that they are then discarded to the pile? Get your popcorn out and kick back the recliner, they are about to produce our next hero. Wouldn't it be nice if we brought our own to the mix?
Good for Megan and she is totally right! Naming the perp only benefits the perp and only harms the perps family as well as distracting from the victims. The true story is the victims. I hope this catches on.
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A Pilot on Hijacking of MH370

Sceolan Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 3:15 PM
Why do we always have to learn from our stupidity through a tragedy?
I'm NOT impressed on any level, she is just as confused now as when she allegedly voted for Obama. Just another self centered, moon beam adolescent who believes she knows whats what.
AFP (Another fu*king parasite)
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Who Hates Minority Children?

Sceolan Wrote: Mar 12, 2014 1:45 AM
The a Black child or any child for that matter has a better chance getting out of the ghetto with a Charter school. So, De Blasio's actions should be self-explanatory.
Isn't that kind of like I'm gonna take my toys and go home? lol
Actually, I think this is a great thing.
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