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The last time I checked NY had 26 or 28 districts and there were two republicans-one being the current RINO turncoat Peter King. Wake up NY and stop electing anti-constitutionalists.
ROTFLMFAO....If any first lady in history can be compared to Marie Antoinette it would be this vile and hateful person.
The world has the right to know the truth regarding the Banghazi slaughter in which you failed to act.
The justice needs to be carried out with bats and clubs.
Another "classy" liberal showing his true colors. These people are intolerable.
Boehner needs to be fired immediately.
Oh Ed, did they release you from Bellevue already?
It's Ok Nancy, just take your medication, wash it down with a few bottles of the government's best, and get back into your straight jacket.
Mr. President, it's about time that you were held accountable. This administration has been an unmitigated disaster and total disgrace. You are an embarrassment and a fraud. Unfortunately, John Boehner has no balls.
These are not right wingers; this has the religion of pieces written all over it.
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