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Well said!
Well said!
No one should not criticize the president just because he is black. They should criticize the president because he is INCOMPETENT!
IMPORTANT NOTE Ignore goldilocks, he is really George Soros in drag, or at least a shill paid by Soros to disrupt the conversation. When you engage, comment or refute him, you are doing exactly what he is paid for, diverting your attention from important discussions. Let us all vow never to address or mention the g___ word again!
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Parting Company

SC_Gene Wrote: Jan 01, 2014 9:53 PM
If you look at the mechanics of calling a Constitutional convention, it is unlikely that it could ever occur. There are just too many interests in the federal bureaucracy that would find creative ways to block it. Or the administration could just ignore it, as they have other laws and actions they don't like. The only answer would be a law suit, which would take years and probably be nullified by SCOTUS anyway.
Any Congress worm who votes on a bill, for or against, without reading it, is guilty of TREASON!
WARNING - GOLDILOCKS IS A TROLL He/She/It is paid by George Soros or his ilk to deflect reasonable conversations about important issues. IGNORE HIM/HER/IT !!!!! They will just waste your time.
Is he stupid or dishonest? It really doesn't matter. The bottom line is that he has lost his mandate to rule, and the American public is rapidly turning away from his mind-numbing incompetence and blind ideological orthodoxy. The only remaining question is, how does a heavily wounded lame duck react to this rejection?
There's a typo in the heading, but if you speak Spanish, it makes a lot of sense. "Caer" in Spanish means "to fall."
Obama has no moral core. That is obvious from the stunningly hypocritical statements he makes. He is not mentally ill, or stupid, he just doesn't care if some people see him for what he is, a narcissistic, manipulative tyrant who will say anything to get his way. If he were not half black and not a Democrat, the national press would be tearing him asunder, but instead, they ignore the obvious and let him have his way.
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