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Race and Media Bias

SC_Gene Wrote: Nov 30, 2014 8:16 AM
I'm truly disappointed. I thought Juan Williams was one of the most fair-minded liberals around, who did not let his emotions warp his sense of reality. But, lately, Williams has shown himself to be just another race-baiting angry black man. What a shame!
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The Net Neutrality Tax Hike

SC_Gene Wrote: Nov 15, 2014 6:43 AM
The real cost to consumers of net neutrality will be more than USF. The administrative costs of tracking and reporting to the FCC will be enormous. Smaller ISPs will be driven out of business, reducing competition and raising rates.
This is by far, the funniest spoof that The Onion has ever done. I applaud them for their . . . what's that? This is NOT a piece from The Onion? You mean that Nancy actually said this? Well, they say that truth is often stranger than fiction!
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How Far Away Can Skynet Be?

SC_Gene Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 7:16 AM
SkyNet is already here. It is called FirstNet. Google it.
It was a misunderstanding. The military wanted to send a division, and Obama said, "No, we need more than that, send a COMPANY!" Not his fault.
He truly doesn't get it, there is no Iraq. It is a fictional state created after WWI by the British. The Sunni's, Shi-ites and Kurds there certainly don't consider themselves to be part of Iraq. Iraq is the new Vietnam.
Studies have shown repeatedly that most murders occur in the heat of passion or anger, and that those people who commit those murders never think about the penalty as they are killing. They don't care. The other class of cold hearted killers don't value life at all, including their own, so the death penalty is not a deterrent to them. So, what is accomplished by killing the killer? Revenge? How does that help society as a whole? And, finally, you need to look up the word "facetious," then re-read what I wrote.
Dawg - You make a valid point. "Harsh" may have been the wrong word. Maybe "severe" would be better. My concern is the price that we all pay when we condone deliberate killing. It causes society as a whole to devalue human life. When we, as a society, make the decision to put someone to death, we have devalued the worth of human life just a bit.
I think Ann makes a good point by her juxtaposition of abortion and the death penalty. Both involve the intentional killing of a human being. I will grant that the intention is completely different, but being opposed to abortion on humanitarian grounds, I have to also oppose the death penalty for the same reason. I have no sympathy for these monsters, but I think society lowers itself a little by giving them an easy way out. Life without the possibility of parole is a much harsher punishment than death.
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Finally, One Obama Radical Bites the Dust

SC_Gene Wrote: May 07, 2014 8:06 AM
No, the street starts at a whorehouse, and goes to a dead end.
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