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Company Fires Employee For Fending Off Armed Robber with Gun

sburrows Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 11:09 AM
You are right about AutoZone....and boycotting them. As for Papa John Pizza (and boycotting them because of ObamaCare's added expense to the company)'ll be boycotting a LOT of corporations and company's (if you're doing so because they pass the cost of ObamaCare on to it's customers). Millions of people should have thought of THAT, when they cast their vote in the past election, huh. We got what we (not me, however) voted for.

When an armed robber entered a Virginia AutoZone store demanding that the manager unlock the store’s safe, employee and Air Force veteran Devin McClean snuck out of the store to grab his legally-owned gun from his vehicle. When he returned with his weapon, he was able to scare the robber away, thereby saving his manager’s life and the company $2,000. How was McClean rewarded for carrying out such a heroic act? Because he violated company policy by bringing a personal weapon into the store-- he was fired. The Blaze has more:

But although the store’s manager was...

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