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Why Are You Opposed To Ending Violence?

sbrummitt Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 9:28 AM
Dear Derek, You article is superb. However, you do realize don't you, that it falls on the 'deaf ears' of those who truly need to hear it! You are presenting an analogy to those who can't comprehend the 'real' subject to which your analogy applies, because they have chosen to view life from a different angle than ANYONE who accepts reality as their lens. They don't even speak our language! They insist on using a different 'Dictionary' than the rest of us do! They have have already nixed the words from their dictionary which would allow them to even be able to read your article let alone comprehend it! Your article is a lot like trying to force feed steak to a blue whale who only has the ability to swallow microscopic krill!

There’s an epidemic in this country, something that has or will affect all of us in our lives. And the government needs to act to protect us from those who may do us harm. This plague is particularly felt in schools. The children must be made safe.

President Obama, bravely speaking out against this horror, said, “We have an obligation to ensure that our schools are safe for all our kids.” Amen, Mr. President. Amen.

The best course of action to protect as many of our citizens, particularly children, as possible is to place sensible restrictions on...

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