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Christian Parents Should Have Their Kids Play with Toy Guns

sbemis Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 4:07 AM
Mr.Giles apparently goes to a very off the beaten path Church,and his distortion of Holy Writ is obvious.The Christian Church,at it's best,has a history of non-violence.Conestine helped to throw a monkey wrench into the process,unforchuntely,but we have had people like st francis of assie and M.l'king rise to the occusion to show "a better way."

According to CBS, St. Louis, Pastor Rodney Francis, of the Washington Tabernacle Baptist Church, wants to keep kiddos away from guns, so this summer his church is planning a “toy gun buy back” program. How quaint. I kid you not: A. Toy. Gun. Buy. Back. Sounds like he’s setting up the next generation to be victimized slaves to bad people and policies.

Yep, Reverend Rodney “feels” he needs to do “everything (he) can to not allow our kids to get exposed to (guns) too early.” Aww ... ain’t that sweet? Hey, maybe he could also hand out during that...