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Dan Savage Savages the Bible, Christianity and the Pope (Part I)

sbayoud Wrote: May 03, 2012 10:31 AM
The statue of liberty gave the rights for gays and for others to do what they please their eyes and their hearts,but saying that the Bible is a radically pro-slavery document show exactly the twisting of the truth.Definitely righteousness came from the freedom from sin,while slavery came from the freedom of sin.Gays are the real slaves and the Bible is the true deliver from that slavery through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Should we be surprised when a gay activist famous for his bawdy sex column and known for his glorification of promiscuity attacks the Bible, ridicules Christian morality, and mocks the Pope in the lewdest of terms? Not at all.

Speaking to 3,000 high school students attending a journalism conference in mid-April, Dan Savage strayed from his appointed theme – anti-bullying – and launched into a tirade against the Bible, also castigating scores of Christian students who walked out during his presentation.

He said, “We can learn to ignore the ‘bull---’ in the Bible about gay people. The same way, the same...