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I think Biden is confusing in thinking that shooting the shotgun and then being out of ammo is the same thing as the perp hearing you rack in a round before you shoot him.
I'll take the .45 ACP too. From a woman who has been under fire.
Seawolf, Both gentlemen would be extremely insulted that we haven't taken up arms and stopped this C**p in its tracks before now. That's why they gave us the Second Amendment--and we're not using it. We're just "talking about it".
I can answer "yup" to that too! And, I will never ever allow myself to be disarmed because I have been in the situation and all the ten points above is pure BS in the real situation.
Ahhhh, probably because it was illegal (and unConstitutinal) to confiscate those guns.
If you don't own a gun and don't know how to use one, you are worthless as back-up, so probably not, in literal terms, part of the movement.
I agree with everything you said. I wonder why no one seems to give a damn.
Exactly right! For some reason, the brain-washed (oh, the reason) Americans think that can't happen here. Actually, it is happening here. They just haven't progressed to the point where it will be time to be counting bodies. But, did anyone take note of how many body bags the gov has in storage? Clue time....Then there's the millions and millions of rounds of hollow point ammo being stock-piled. Clue time....
Yes, indeed, finally some common sense. But, getting the pathetic, cowering, typical brain-washed American to do this? They are fearful that the Feds will come into their State with force of arms and blow everyone away. Yes, legally, it can be done but it must be backed up by citizens bearing arms and repelling that Federal force. Homeland Security is that Federal "standing army" that the Founding Fathers warned us about . "No standing army!" Well, here it is, "standing".
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