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TIME: Abortion Advocates are Losing

sawdustking Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 5:56 PM
In the majority decision of Roe v Wade, Justice Blackmun stated that "if the humanity of the fetus could be established" it would render their decision void. 40 years of science has done nothing but validate the humanity of the fetus. They ignore this and claim that we're the "anti-science" ones. Personally I don't know what they expected to find in there, a possum maybe?

This month marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and this is the cover of TIME Magazine:


With this photo, TIME pretty much just made a pro-life argument. Simply seeing what an abortion table looks like is enough to save a few unborn children. The photo above clearly shows abortion isn't a simple procedure, but rather a full blown medical surgery resulting in one less human heartbeat on earth.

As Steve Ertelt over at LifeNews points out, TIME makes a pro-abortion argument in the cover article...