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President Obama to Appear on Meet the Press Tomorrow

sawdustking Wrote: Dec 30, 2012 11:48 AM
I've always be partial to the tom-toms myself. How exactly is the economy going to do well while we're running trillion dollar deficits? When Clinton left office the federal budget was $1.8 trillion, when W left office it was $2.8 trillion (with a little help from Nancy), and now it's $3.8 trillion. There in a nutshell is why the economy refuses to recover. It didn't work in the 30s and it's not working now. Look what happened at the end of WWII. The political class claimed the economy would tumble back into the depression without all that government spending, but the exact opposite happened. And you presume that getting a handle on our run away spending is an attempt to sabotage the economy?

President Obama is set to appear for an interview on tomorrow’s Meet the Press with David Gregory. The interview will be taped at the White House today.

This interview comes just days before the looming fiscal cliff deadline and is President Obama’s first appearance on the show since September 2009 during the health care debate.

An NBC News spokesperson had said earlier this week that David Gregory was on vacation and would not be hosting this week’s show. David Gregory has been under investigation after he showed an empty gun magazine clip on air while interviewing the president of the...