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Is There a Libertarian Argument for another Four Years of Barack Obama?

sawdustking Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 11:28 PM
I don't find the abortion issue to be a "social" issue at all. In the majority decision for Roe v. Wade, Justice Blackmun stated that "if the humanity of the fetus could be established" it would void the decision. Therefore the question (at least legally) is a scientific one. At what point does a human become human? I have never heard a pro-abortion advocate attempt to espouse an opinion on that question. In fact they tend to run screaming with their hands over their ears yelling, "you're just a right winger!" when pressed on the issue. But if a child is deemed "human" he/she deserves the full protection of the law. No libertarian or liberal would claim that it should be legal to end the life of a healthy 2 week old baby... (cont.)
sawdustking Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 11:28 PM
…because we all agree that 2 weeks after birth a child is human. Two weeks before natural birth there is no consensus.
From the instant an egg is fertilized it is no longer an it but a he or she, having either two X chromosomes or an X and a Y chromosome. By eighteen days the child has his/her own heartbeat pumping blood that is frequently not even the same blood type as the mother. For these reasons I believe that children deserve the full protection of the law from the point of conception. I would welcome another perspective, but no one ever seems willing to offer one.

From a rational perspective, the logical choice is not voting. After all, the odds of your vote making a difference are infinitesimally small.

But that’s if you view voting as an “investment” choice – i.e., you taking time and effort to do X in hopes of getting Y in return.

The other view is that voting is a “consumption” choice – i.e., something we do for enjoyment, like eating a hamburger or going to a movie. You recognize your vote almost surely won’t matter, but you do it because it gives you pleasure to vote for someone (or, in my...

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