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No, with you a wiffle bat should suffice.
If firearms could be uninvented entirely the streets would be ruled by thugs with baseball bats.
So the murder rate is about half of what it was 20 years ago, but Mr. Lemon doesn't care about the thousands of people who were NOT murdered this and every year because of relaxing gun control laws - "20 children are dead here and 6 adults are dead..." Were those 26 people more deserving of life than the thousands who lived? And where are all these "automatic weapons" I keep hearing about. I thought they were all but banned entirely in 1934. Did I miss something?
Giving up the freedoms that our whole society is based on in exchange for a false sense of security is a fools bargain.
Unions did not get into the workplace by a voluntary agreement with businesses but forced their way in by coercion. And they maintain their position by coercion. What happens if the business decides to part ways with the union? Do they take their workers and leave peacefully? No one argues that if you don't want black lung disease you don't have to work in a coal mine, so why argue that if you don't want your money to be taken away against your will and spent on politics you disagree with, you don't have to accept a job in a union shop? In both cases they are economic decisions - not made of free will. Libertarian philosophy is the belief in individual rights and those rights should never be subordinate to the rights of the collective.
Personally I'm a little tired of people who have never fired a weapon in their lives lecturing me on guns.
Pack up the children we've only got 13,000 years to get out of Florida.
Of course 13,000 years ago New York City was buried under 5000 feet of ice and sea level was 390 feet lower than today. I figured this out a couple of years ago when I became the first, and to date only, American to read the Wikipedia page on Greenland. Losing 50 cubic miles of ice a year sounds like a lot until you realize that the Greenland Ice Sheet is 680,000 cubic miles. What's more interesting is that the ice sheet didn't even exist until 500,000 years ago - before that it was a forest - and has almost totally melted 4 times since.
South Park had Bono pegged.
…because we all agree that 2 weeks after birth a child is human. Two weeks before natural birth there is no consensus. From the instant an egg is fertilized it is no longer an it but a he or she, having either two X chromosomes or an X and a Y chromosome. By eighteen days the child has his/her own heartbeat pumping blood that is frequently not even the same blood type as the mother. For these reasons I believe that children deserve the full protection of the law from the point of conception. I would welcome another perspective, but no one ever seems willing to offer one.
I don't find the abortion issue to be a "social" issue at all. In the majority decision for Roe v. Wade, Justice Blackmun stated that "if the humanity of the fetus could be established" it would void the decision. Therefore the question (at least legally) is a scientific one. At what point does a human become human? I have never heard a pro-abortion advocate attempt to espouse an opinion on that question. In fact they tend to run screaming with their hands over their ears yelling, "you're just a right winger!" when pressed on the issue. But if a child is deemed "human" he/she deserves the full protection of the law. No libertarian or liberal would claim that it should be legal to end the life of a healthy 2 week old baby... (cont.)
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