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Wow. HuffPo has discovered Wikipedia! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_ownership Those numbers are from 2007, before the current administration drove a 4 year gun buying binge.
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The War on Pot: Not a Safe Bet

sawdustking Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 11:45 AM
"Unlike tobacco, it doesn't cause lung cancer and heart disease." I think Mr. Chapman has been partaking of the herb himself.
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E Pluribus Platinum

sawdustking Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 11:33 AM
Fortunately the mint can't press the coin until congress tells them who's face to put on it. So much for the platinum loophole.
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TIME: Abortion Advocates are Losing

sawdustking Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 5:56 PM
In the majority decision of Roe v Wade, Justice Blackmun stated that "if the humanity of the fetus could be established" it would render their decision void. 40 years of science has done nothing but validate the humanity of the fetus. They ignore this and claim that we're the "anti-science" ones. Personally I don't know what they expected to find in there, a possum maybe?
You cannot keep the wicked from arming themselves. The best you can do is arm the benevolent. The shooter in Connecticut had 20 minutes to engage in his slaughter before the police arrived. With that much time he could have slaughtered 60 children with a Revolutionary War musket.
Keynesians imagine that for every dollar they spend it magically multiplies into 2 dollars because the recipient spends it, but they only count the multiplier on the credit side of the ledger and ignore the multiplier on the debit side. Government cannot spend money unless in one way or another it takes it from it's citizens. Whether borrowed, taxed or printed the money is lost from the private sector before it can be spent in the private sector. This can work on rare occasions when the money spent is an economic investment that would be too difficult for the private sector to undertake, such as and interstate highway system, but little or none of the money is being spent so wisely. Most of it is used to enable people to quit working.
I've always be partial to the tom-toms myself. How exactly is the economy going to do well while we're running trillion dollar deficits? When Clinton left office the federal budget was $1.8 trillion, when W left office it was $2.8 trillion (with a little help from Nancy), and now it's $3.8 trillion. There in a nutshell is why the economy refuses to recover. It didn't work in the 30s and it's not working now. Look what happened at the end of WWII. The political class claimed the economy would tumble back into the depression without all that government spending, but the exact opposite happened. And you presume that getting a handle on our run away spending is an attempt to sabotage the economy?
So you're saying the GOP has nothing to fear?
Gregory must go to prison for a year. For the greater good. Call it a teachable moment. Then the mainstream media can rally to the cause of ending these unjust and meaningless gun laws.
No, with you a wiffle bat should suffice.
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