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Darby, you are bang on... moral subjectivism (I use 'ism' purposely) is a cancer on our society and you can see it destroying everything all around us... it makes me so sick.
Actually it is his place to decide who he makes a cake for, he has that right and who do you think you are to force him to make it for them? Are you kidding me? YOU are the fascist in this conversation.
What a FANTASTIC piece, thank you for writing this.
Englishlass, if you are in fact a conservative then you would be very much in line with Libertarian ideas. Do you even know what Libertarianism is? We are allies here. Or at least we should be.
While I agree with every point in the article, let's be clear: this has been going on a LOT longer than BarryO. GWB, Clinton, GHWB and even Reagan to a lesser extent all seemed to envision the Federal Gov't as the solution to all of the nation's woes. This is established corruption at all levels, and from both parties.
Don't hold your breath, he will probably end up just like all the others... Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Oh how about Marco Rubio, wasn't he supposed to be a true conservative? Right, let's try to buy the hispanic vote with fundamentally flawed legislation. I'm waiting for the shoe to drop on Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.
Unfortunately they are more concerned with maintaining what little power they have left, so they will play along as long as the right back room deals are made... they'll be happy with the crumbs from the masters table at this point. It is PATHETIC.
100% agree. The states need to play their role. I would say the same for Congress but I gave up on that long ago.
Agree, they're all progressives now... a word that was once a very very dirty word is now used widely and admired by the general public... "oh I'm a progressive, we need to move forward as a nation"... as if that has ANYTHING to do with what progressive means in a political sense. Shows how uninformed the public is at this juncture of history.
Sorry Nasty, but if we ended up with Romney as POTUS we would be no better off. Romney, like GWB and McCain are simply RINOs and will never, ever get my vote.
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